Linux Kernel iMX6
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Hugh Dickins 57a8f0cdb8 mm: revert mremap pud_free anti-fix 7 years ago
Kconfig powerpc: Fix memory hotplug with sparse vmemmap 7 years ago
Kconfig.debug mm: more intensive memory corruption debugging 9 years ago
Makefile list: add a new LRU list type 7 years ago
backing-dev.c mm/backing-dev.c: check user buffer length before copying data to the related user buffer 7 years ago
balloon_compaction.c mm: introduce a common interface for balloon pages mobility 8 years ago
bootmem.c mm: kill free_all_bootmem_node() 8 years ago
bounce.c mm/bounce.c: fix a regression where MS_SNAP_STABLE (stable pages snapshotting) was ignored 7 years ago
cleancache.c mm: cleancache: clean up cleancache_enabled 8 years ago
compaction.c mm/compaction.c: periodically schedule when freeing pages 7 years ago
debug-pagealloc.c mm, x86: Remove debug_pagealloc_enabled 9 years ago
dmapool.c dmapool: make DMAPOOL_DEBUG detect corruption of free marker 8 years ago
fadvise.c teach SYSCALL_DEFINE<n> how to deal with long long/unsigned long long 8 years ago
failslab.c switch debugfs to umode_t 9 years ago
filemap.c mm: memcg: handle non-error OOM situations more gracefully 7 years ago
filemap_xip.c lift sb_start_write() out of ->write() 8 years ago
fremap.c mm: save soft-dirty bits on file pages 7 years ago
frontswap.c frontswap: fix incorrect zeroing and allocation size for frontswap_map 8 years ago
highmem.c Some nice cleanups, and even a patch my wife did as a "live" demo for 8 years ago
huge_memory.c mm: fix BUG in __split_huge_page_pmd 7 years ago
hugetlb.c mm: hugetlb: initialize PG_reserved for tail pages of gigantic compound pages 7 years ago
hugetlb_cgroup.c cgroup: pass around cgroup_subsys_state instead of cgroup in file methods 7 years ago
hwpoison-inject.c mm/hwpoison: fix the lack of one reference count against poisoned page 7 years ago
init-mm.c atomic: use <linux/atomic.h> 10 years ago
internal.h mm: vmscan: fix do_try_to_free_pages() livelock 7 years ago
interval_tree.c mm: add CONFIG_DEBUG_VM_RB build option 8 years ago
kmemcheck.c kmemcheck: add hooks for the page allocator 12 years ago
kmemleak-test.c kmemleak: remove memset by using kzalloc 10 years ago
kmemleak.c mm: replace strict_strtoul() with kstrtoul() 7 years ago
ksm.c mm: replace strict_strtoul() with kstrtoul() 7 years ago
list_lru.c list_lru: dynamically adjust node arrays 7 years ago
maccess.c mm: Map most files to use export.h instead of module.h 9 years ago
madvise.c mm/hwpoison: fix traversal of hugetlbfs pages to avoid printk flood 7 years ago
memblock.c memblock, numa: binary search node id 7 years ago
memcontrol.c fs: buffer: move allocation failure loop into the allocator 7 years ago
memory-failure.c mm/hwpoison: fix false report on 2nd attempt at page recovery 7 years ago
memory.c mm: memcg: handle non-error OOM situations more gracefully 7 years ago
memory_hotplug.c ACPI and power management fixes for 3.12-rc1 7 years ago
mempolicy.c mbind: add BUG_ON(!vma) in new_vma_page() 7 years ago
mempool.c mm/mempool.c: convert kmalloc_node(...GFP_ZERO...) to kzalloc_node(...) 7 years ago
migrate.c mm: migration: do not lose soft dirty bit if page is in migration state 7 years ago
mincore.c swap: make each swap partition have one address_space 8 years ago
mlock.c mm/mlock.c: prevent walking off the end of a pagetable in no-pmd configuration 7 years ago
mm_init.c mm: tune vm_committed_as percpu_counter batching size 8 years ago
mmap.c mm/mmap: remove unnecessary assignment 7 years ago
mmu_context.c mm: remove old aio use_mm() comment 8 years ago
mmu_notifier.c treewide: relase -> release 8 years ago
mmzone.c mm: rename page struct field helpers 8 years ago
mprotect.c mm: migration: do not lose soft dirty bit if page is in migration state 7 years ago
mremap.c mm: revert mremap pud_free anti-fix 7 years ago
msync.c sanitize vfs_fsync calling conventions 11 years ago
nobootmem.c mm: concentrate modification of totalram_pages into the mm core 8 years ago
nommu.c mm: remove free_area_cache 8 years ago
oom_kill.c mm: memcg: handle non-error OOM situations more gracefully 7 years ago
page-writeback.c writeback: fix negative bdi max pause 7 years ago
page_alloc.c revert "mm/memory-hotplug: fix lowmem count overflow when offline pages" 7 years ago
page_cgroup.c memcontrol: use N_MEMORY instead N_HIGH_MEMORY 8 years ago
page_io.c aio: Kill aio_rw_vect_retry() 7 years ago
page_isolation.c mm: memory-hotplug: enable memory hotplug to handle hugepage 7 years ago
pagewalk.c mm/pagewalk.c: walk_page_range should avoid VM_PFNMAP areas 8 years ago
percpu-km.c percpu: clear memory allocated with the km allocator 10 years ago
percpu-vm.c mm: fix kernel-doc warnings 9 years ago
percpu.c mm, percpu: Make sure percpu_alloc early parameter has an argument 8 years ago
pgtable-generic.c mm: move pgtable related functions to right place 7 years ago
process_vm_access.c Fix: compat_rw_copy_check_uvector() misuse in aio, readv, writev, and security keys 8 years ago
quicklist.c mm: delete various needless include <linux/module.h> 9 years ago
readahead.c readahead: make context readahead more conservative 7 years ago
rmap.c thp: account anon transparent huge pages into NR_ANON_PAGES 7 years ago
shmem.c initmpfs: make rootfs use tmpfs when CONFIG_TMPFS enabled 7 years ago
slab.c kernel: delete __cpuinit usage from all core kernel files 8 years ago
slab.h memcg: check that kmem_cache has memcg_params before accessing it 7 years ago
slab_common.c slab_common: Do not check for duplicate slab names 7 years ago
slob.c mm/sl[aou]b: Move kmallocXXX functions to common code 7 years ago
slub.c Merge branch 'slab/next' of git:// 7 years ago
sparse-vmemmap.c sparse-vmemmap: specify vmemmap population range in bytes 8 years ago
sparse.c mm/sparse: introduce alloc_usemap_and_memmap 7 years ago
swap.c mm: make lru_add_drain_all() selective 7 years ago
swap_state.c lib/radix-tree.c: make radix_tree_node_alloc() work correctly within interrupt 7 years ago
swapfile.c swap: fix set_blocksize race during swapon/swapoff 7 years ago
truncate.c truncate: drop 'oldsize' truncate_pagecache() parameter 7 years ago
util.c swap: clean-up #ifdef in page_mapping() 7 years ago
vmalloc.c mm/vmalloc: use wrapper function get_vm_area_size to caculate size of vm area 7 years ago
vmpressure.c Merge branch 'for-3.12' of git:// 7 years ago
vmscan.c mm/vmscan.c: don't forget to free shrinker->nr_deferred 7 years ago
vmstat.c mm: vmscan: fix do_try_to_free_pages() livelock 7 years ago
zbud.c mm/zbud: fix some trivial typos in comments 7 years ago
zswap.c mm/zswap: bugfix: memory leak when re-swapon 7 years ago