244322 Commits (8849b720e9632acef139a349f9ec62e63ce7e497)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Ralf Baechle 8849b720e9 NET: AX.25, NETROM, ROSE: Remove SOCK_DEBUG calls 10 years ago
  John Fastabend 45a5f720fe ixgbe: DCB, X540 devices do not respond to pause frames 10 years ago
  John Fastabend e09ad236fc ixgbe: DCB, misallocated packet buffer size with X540 device 10 years ago
  Emil Tantilov b776d10435 ixgbe: make device_caps() generic 10 years ago
  Emil Tantilov a59e8a1a72 ixgbe: explicitly disable 100H for x540 10 years ago
  Emil Tantilov 4c40ef0291 ixgbe: add support for new HW 10 years ago
  Emil Tantilov eb9c3e3ea2 ixgbe: fix semaphores in eeprom routines for x540 10 years ago
  Don Skidmore 032b4325b6 ixgbe: cleanup short msleep's (<20ms) to use usleep_range 10 years ago
  Emil Tantilov 0fa6d83258 ixgbe: fix 82599 KR downshift coexistence with LESM FW module 10 years ago
  Emil Tantilov 3d5c520727 ixgbe: move disabling of relaxed ordering in start_hw() 10 years ago
  Emil Tantilov 7184b7cf55 ixgbe: refactor common start_hw code for 82599 and x540 10 years ago
  Jeff Kirsher 75e3d3c681 ixgbe: update version string for Dell CEM use 10 years ago
  Emil Tantilov d6cd8e0e75 ixgbe: fix namespacecheck issue 10 years ago
  Emil Tantilov c9130180a8 ixgbe: correct function number for some 82598 parts 10 years ago
  Emil Tantilov 2ea5ea5fc4 ixgbe: fix return value checks 10 years ago
  John Fastabend c8ca76ebc6 ixgbe: DCB, further cleanups to app configuration 10 years ago
  Bruce Allan 78cd29d5a9 e1000e: If ASPM L0s needs to be disabled, do it prior to enabling device 10 years ago
  Flavio Leitner 2084b114e3 e1000e: fix stats locking in e1000_watchdog_task 10 years ago
  Jeff Kirsher 86d70e532c e1000e: convert to new VLAN model 10 years ago
  Bruce Allan a5cc764206 e1000e: PCIe link speed in GT/s, not GB/s 10 years ago
  Bruce Allan 1bba4386ab e1000e: convert short duration msleep() to usleep_range() 10 years ago
  Stefan Assmann 563988dcfe igb: introduce igb_thermal_sensor_event for sensor checking 10 years ago
  Stefan Assmann 34a0326e3a igb: fix typo in igb_validate_nvm_checksum_82580 10 years ago
  Greg Rose 7c158399c2 igb: Add anti-spoofing feature documentation 10 years ago
  Mathieu J. Poirier c326de88b8 net: allow shifted access in smsc911x V2 10 years ago
  Matt Carlson c3e945006a tg3: Add support for extended VPD blocks 10 years ago
  Matt Carlson 4852a8614f tg3: Add jumbo frame loopback tests to selftest 10 years ago
  Matt Carlson 48fa55a0a5 tg3: Automatically size stat/test string arrays 10 years ago
  Matt Carlson e64de4e6c6 tg3: Dump registers when status block shows errors 10 years ago
  Matt Carlson 97bd8e491d tg3: Provide full regdump on tx timeout 10 years ago
  Ben Hutchings 4d42d417be rndis_host: Poll status before control channel where necessary 10 years ago
  Giuseppe Cavallaro 74ae2fd7d3 stmmac: review Wol and enable the Unicast support 10 years ago
  Alexander Stein b19f7f71b6 macb: Add rx overrun counter 10 years ago
  amit salecha 8b5933c380 net: ethtool support to configure number of channels 10 years ago
  David S. Miller 6139e75f4a net: Missing 'inline' in vlan-disabled vlan_untag() 10 years ago
  David S. Miller a7e7015888 Merge branch 'for-davem' of git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/linville/wireless-next-2.6 10 years ago
  David S. Miller 24743537d3 atm: iphase: Fix set-but-not-used warnings. 10 years ago
  David S. Miller 095d3da610 9p: Kill set but unused variable in 9p_client_{read,write}() and p9_client_readdir() 10 years ago
  Michał Mirosław 1aac626716 net: vlan_features comment clarification 10 years ago
  Michał Mirosław 6d95ff974a net: ioc3: convert to hw_features 10 years ago
  Michał Mirosław 66371c4413 net: bnx2x: convert to hw_features 10 years ago
  Michał Mirosław e5ee20e70f net: bna: convert to hw_features 10 years ago
  Michał Mirosław d1423c7ab8 net: ps3_gelic: convert to hw_features 10 years ago
  Michał Mirosław f5d640371d net: sky2: convert to hw_features 10 years ago
  Michał Mirosław 872674858f net: add RTNL_ASSERT in __netdev_update_features() 10 years ago
  Jiri Pirko bcc6d47903 net: vlan: make non-hw-accel rx path similar to hw-accel 10 years ago
  Allan, Bruce W 143780c656 ethtool: time to blink provided in seconds not jiffies 10 years ago
  John W. Linville 252f4bf400 Merge branch 'master' of git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/linville/wireless-next-2.6 into for-davem 10 years ago
  Jon Mason 6ba1037c3d vxge: update driver version 10 years ago
  Jon Mason 9f9b164581 vxge: spin-lock issue 10 years ago