536267 Commits (7f8a436eaa2c3ddd8e1ff2fbca267e6275085536)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Joe Stringer 7f8a436eaa openvswitch: Add conntrack action 5 years ago
  Joe Stringer e79e259588 dst: Add __skb_dst_copy() variation 5 years ago
  Joe Stringer 5b49004724 ipv6: Export nf_ct_frag6_gather() 5 years ago
  Joe Stringer be26b9a88f openvswitch: Move MASKED* macros to datapath.h 5 years ago
  Joe Stringer 8e2fed1c0c openvswitch: Serialize acts with original netlink len 5 years ago
  Rafał Miłecki 538e456319 bgmac: support up to 3 cores (devices) on a bus 5 years ago
  David S. Miller 395250e483 Major changes: 5 years ago
  Alexei Starovoitov 1dd34b5ad8 bpf: fix bpf_skb_set_tunnel_key() helper 5 years ago
  David S. Miller 8c5bbe77d4 Merge branch 'act_bpf_lockless' 5 years ago
  Alexei Starovoitov cff82457c5 net_sched: act_bpf: remove spinlock in fast path 5 years ago
  Alexei Starovoitov 9e528d8915 net_sched: convert rsvp to call tcf_exts_destroy from rcu callback 5 years ago
  Alexei Starovoitov ed7aa879ce net_sched: convert tcindex to call tcf_exts_destroy from rcu callback 5 years ago
  Alexei Starovoitov faa54be4c7 net_sched: act_bpf: remove unnecessary copy 5 years ago
  Alexei Starovoitov 3c645621b7 net_sched: make tcf_hash_destroy() static 5 years ago
  Valentin Rothberg dc8242f704 lib/Makefile: remove CONFIG_AVERAGE build rule 5 years ago
  Kalle Valo 0ba3ac03c1 Merge ath-next from ath.git 5 years ago
  Raja Mani ee92a2099f ath10k: fix compilation warnings in wmi phyerr pull function 5 years ago
  Michal Kazior 36582e5d4d ath10k: add qca6164 support 5 years ago
  Raja Mani 4535edbd42 ath10k: add spectral scan support for 10.4 fw 5 years ago
  Michal Kazior 5e55e3cbd1 ath10k: fix dma_mapping_error() handling 5 years ago
  Michal Kazior 503422d952 ath10k: add missing mutex unlock on failpath 5 years ago
  David S. Miller b635f0901a Merge branch 'dsa-docs' 5 years ago
  Florian Fainelli ef6346386b Documentation: networking: dsa: Add Broadcom SF2 document 5 years ago
  Florian Fainelli 77760e9492 Documentation: networking: add a DSA document 5 years ago
  David S. Miller c30ee8b743 Merge branch 'rds-more-fixes' 5 years ago
  santosh.shilimkar@oracle.com 2724121419 RDS: remove superfluous from rds_ib_alloc_fmr() 5 years ago
  santosh.shilimkar@oracle.com ef5217a6e2 RDS: flush the FMR pool less often 5 years ago
  santosh.shilimkar@oracle.com ad1d7dc0d7 RDS: push FMR pool flush work to its own worker 5 years ago
  Wengang Wang 6116c2030f RDS: fix fmr pool dirty_count 5 years ago
  santosh.shilimkar@oracle.com 3f6b314303 RDS: Fix rds MR reference count in rds_rdma_unuse() 5 years ago
  santosh.shilimkar@oracle.com ba54d3ced9 RDS: fix the dangling reference to rds_ib_incoming_slab 5 years ago
  David S. Miller b8766e4ed3 Included changes: 5 years ago
  Govindarajulu Varadarajan dafc21995d enic: reduce ioread in devcmd2 5 years ago
  Corinna Vinschen 6e85d5ad36 r8169: Add values missing in @get_stats64 from HW counters 5 years ago
  David S. Miller b01d04aa51 rds: Fix improper gfp_t usage. 5 years ago
  Shrikrishna Khare 04e1b7341d MAINTAINERS: update vmxnet3 driver maintainer 5 years ago
  Jiri Benc 48e92c44bd vxlan: fix multiple inclusion of vxlan.h 5 years ago
  David Ahern 081958ebe1 MAINTAINERS: Add VRF entry 5 years ago
  WANG Cong e252b3d1a1 route: fix a use-after-free 5 years ago
  Masanari Iida d749916010 net-next: Fix warning while make xmldocs caused by skbuff.c 5 years ago
  Guillaume Nault 79c441ae50 ppp: implement x-netns support 5 years ago
  Hans de Goede 542a64c707 net: sun4i-emac: Claim emac sram 5 years ago
  David Ahern 2c0027cd54 inetpeer: remove dead code 5 years ago
  Rana Shahout 5283af899a net/mlx5e: Avoid accessing NULL pointer at ndo_select_queue 5 years ago
  David S. Miller 94c10f0ea3 ah4: Fix error return in ah_input(). 5 years ago
  Julia Lawall 25105051fd ah6: fix error return code 5 years ago
  Julia Lawall 5c12197939 mlxsw: fix error return code 5 years ago
  Julia Lawall 1ef53ebfa9 net: davinci_emac: fix error return code 5 years ago
  David S. Miller 96fd26b97a Merge branch 'rds-assorted-bug-fixes' 5 years ago
  santosh.shilimkar@oracle.com ae05368afa RDS: check for valid cm_id before initiating connection 5 years ago