439950 Commits (676d23690fb62b5d51ba5d659935e9f7d9da9f8e)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  David S. Miller 676d23690f net: Fix use after free by removing length arg from sk_data_ready callbacks. 7 years ago
  David S. Miller ad20d5f673 Merge branch 'hyperv' 7 years ago
  KY Srinivasan af9893a3dc Drivers: net: hyperv: Address UDP checksum issues 7 years ago
  KY Srinivasan 1f73db495a Drivers: net: hyperv: Negotiate suitable ndis version for offload support 7 years ago
  KY Srinivasan 4276372f0d Drivers: net: hyperv: Allocate memory for all possible per-pecket information 7 years ago
  Toshiaki Makita eb7076182d bridge: Fix double free and memory leak around br_allowed_ingress 7 years ago
  Thomas Richter db29868653 bonding: Remove debug_fs files when module init fails 7 years ago
  Florian Westphal 6d39d589bb net: core: don't account for udp header size when computing seglen 7 years ago
  Dmitry Petukhov f34c4a35d8 l2tp: take PMTU from tunnel UDP socket 7 years ago
  Mugunthan V N 629c9a8fd0 drivers: net: cpsw: Add default vlan for dual emac case also 7 years ago
  Balakumaran Kannan fa8cddaf90 net phylib: Remove unnecessary condition check in phy 7 years ago
  Daniel Borkmann 1e1cdf8ac7 net: sctp: test if association is dead in sctp_wake_up_waiters 7 years ago
  Linus Torvalds ce7613db2d Merge git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/davem/net 7 years ago
  Linus Torvalds 0afccc4cce More staging patches for 3.15-rc1 7 years ago
  Linus Torvalds e4f30545a2 - Documentation clarification on CPU topology and booting requirements 7 years ago
  Linus Torvalds d586c86d50 Merge branch 'for-linus' of git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/s390/linux 7 years ago
  Daniel Borkmann 52c35befb6 net: sctp: wake up all assocs if sndbuf policy is per socket 7 years ago
  Linus Torvalds e9f37d3a8d Merge branch 'drm-next' of git://people.freedesktop.org/~airlied/linux 7 years ago
  Dan Carpenter 7563487cbf isdnloop: several buffer overflows 7 years ago
  Heiko Carstens 5fb6b953bb include/linux/syscalls.h: add sys_renameat2() prototype 7 years ago
  Catalin Marinas ebf81a938d arm64: Fix DMA range invalidation for cache line unaligned buffers 7 years ago
  Linus Torvalds a7963eb7f4 Merge branch 'for_linus' of git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/jack/linux-fs 7 years ago
  Linus Torvalds b003d7706a Merge branch 'kbuild' of git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/mmarek/kbuild 7 years ago
  Linus Torvalds 3573d3869d ARC changes for 3.15 7 years ago
  Russell King c39b06951f DRM: armada: fix corruption while loading cursors 7 years ago
  Linus Torvalds c8d9762aff Fix arm build of drivers/xen/events/ 7 years ago
  Linus Torvalds 26c12d9334 Merge branch 'akpm' (incoming from Andrew) 7 years ago
  Lukasz Dorau fdc5813fbb MAINTAINERS: update Intel C600 SAS driver maintainers 7 years ago
  Christian Engelmayer fe4487d18f fs/ufs: remove unused ufs_super_block_third pointer 7 years ago
  Christian Engelmayer 48968a112c fs/ufs: remove unused ufs_super_block_second pointer 7 years ago
  Christian Engelmayer 6e0bd34c33 fs/ufs: remove unused ufs_super_block_first pointer 7 years ago
  Fabian Frederick 76ee473578 fs/ufs/super.c: add __init to init_inodecache() 7 years ago
  Mark Salter 56aeeba8c1 doc/kernel-parameters.txt: add early_ioremap_debug 7 years ago
  Mark Salter bf4b558eba arm64: add early_ioremap support 7 years ago
  Mark Salter 0bf757c73d arm64: initialize pgprot info earlier in boot 7 years ago
  Mark Salter 5b7c73e009 x86: use generic early_ioremap 7 years ago
  Mark Salter 9e5c33d7ae mm: create generic early_ioremap() support 7 years ago
  Dave Young 6b550f6f20 x86/mm: sparse warning fix for early_memremap 7 years ago
  Josh Triplett 64b47e8fdb lglock: map to spinlock when !CONFIG_SMP 7 years ago
  Christoph Lameter 188a81409f percpu: add preemption checks to __this_cpu ops 7 years ago
  Christoph Lameter 293b6a4c87 vmstat: use raw_cpu_ops to avoid false positives on preemption checks 7 years ago
  Christoph Lameter 88da03a676 slub: use raw_cpu_inc for incrementing statistics 7 years ago
  Christoph Lameter 3ed66e910c net: replace __this_cpu_inc in route.c with raw_cpu_inc 7 years ago
  Christoph Lameter 08f141d3db modules: use raw_cpu_write for initialization of per cpu refcount. 7 years ago
  Christoph Lameter dc322a99d3 mm: use raw_cpu ops for determining current NUMA node 7 years ago
  Christoph Lameter b3ca1c10d7 percpu: add raw_cpu_ops 7 years ago
  Dave Jones 54b6a73102 slub: fix leak of 'name' in sysfs_slab_add 7 years ago
  Vladimir Davydov 9a41707bd3 slub: rework sysfs layout for memcg caches 7 years ago
  Vladimir Davydov 84d0ddd6b0 slub: adjust memcg caches when creating cache alias 7 years ago
  Vladimir Davydov b8529907ba memcg, slab: do not destroy children caches if parent has aliases 7 years ago