535039 Commits (4933d85c5173832ebd261756522095837583c458)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Masanari Iida 4933d85c51 net:wimax: Fix doucble word "the the" in networking.xml 5 years ago
  Tom Herbert 10e4ea7514 net: Fix race condition in store_rps_map 5 years ago
  Wenyu Zhang e05176a328 openvswitch: Make 100 percents packets sampled when sampling rate is 1. 5 years ago
  Alexei Starovoitov da8b43c0e1 vxlan: combine VXLAN_FLOWBASED into VXLAN_COLLECT_METADATA 5 years ago
  David S. Miller e03c512841 Merge branch 'rds-tcp-netns' 5 years ago
  Sowmini Varadhan 467fa15356 RDS-TCP: Support multiple RDS-TCP listen endpoints, one per netns. 5 years ago
  Sowmini Varadhan d5a8ac28a7 RDS-TCP: Make RDS-TCP work correctly when it is set up in a netns other than init_net 5 years ago
  David S. Miller 1ebd08a7e5 Merge branch 'master' of git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/jkirsher/next-queue 5 years ago
  Jason A. Donenfeld d92cff89a0 net_dbg_ratelimited: turn into no-op when !DEBUG 5 years ago
  Roopa Prabhu 3dcb615e68 af_mpls: add null dev check in find_outdev 5 years ago
  David S. Miller 3c62181840 Merge branch 'test-bpf-next' 5 years ago
  Nicolas Schichan 86bf1721b2 test_bpf: add tests checking that JIT/interpreter sets A and X to 0. 5 years ago
  Nicolas Schichan 08fcb08fc0 test_bpf: add more tests for LD_ABS and LD_IND. 5 years ago
  Nicolas Schichan d2648d4e26 test_bpf: add module parameters to filter the tests to run. 5 years ago
  Nicolas Schichan 2cf1ad7593 test_bpf: test LD_ABS and LD_IND instructions on fragmented skbs. 5 years ago
  Nicolas Schichan bac142acb9 test_bpf: allow tests to specify an skb fragment. 5 years ago
  Nicolas Schichan e34684f88e test_bpf: avoid oopsing the kernel when generate_test_data() fails. 5 years ago
  David S. Miller c71b5ad06e Merge branch 'mlx5e-next' 5 years ago
  Gal Pressman efea389d3c net/mlx5_core: Support physical port counters 5 years ago
  Achiad Shochat 9b37b07fcb net/mlx5e: Take advantage of the light-weight netdev open/stop 5 years ago
  Achiad Shochat 1cefa326ff net/mlx5e: Disable async events before unregister_netdev() 5 years ago
  Achiad Shochat 40ab6a6ebe net/mlx5e: Rename/move functions following the ndo_stop flow change 5 years ago
  Achiad Shochat 5c50368f38 net/mlx5e: Light-weight netdev open/stop 5 years ago
  Achiad Shochat d9eea403ca net/mlx5_core: Introduce access function to modify RSS/LRO params 5 years ago
  Achiad Shochat 50cfa25aba net/mlx5e: Introduce the "Drop RQ" 5 years ago
  Achiad Shochat 4cbeaff54f net/mlx5e: Unify the RX flow 5 years ago
  David S. Miller adc4cc99b7 Merge branch 'cpsw-next' 5 years ago
  Mugunthan V N 32a7432c0f drivers: net: cpsw: add separate napi for tx 5 years ago
  Mugunthan V N d354eb85d6 drivers: net: cpsw: dual_emac: simplify napi usage 5 years ago
  Mugunthan V N 870915feab drivers: net: cpsw: remove disable_irq/enable_irq as irq can be masked from cpsw itself 5 years ago
  Dan Carpenter 5a9348b54d mpls: small cleanup in inet/inet6_fib_lookup_dev() 5 years ago
  David S. Miller 02b5242847 Merge branch 'bnx2x-cnic-bnx2fc-bd-support' 5 years ago
  Joe Carnuccio 2971ff67bd bnx2fc: Read npiv table from nvram and create vports. 5 years ago
  Yuval Mintz 97ac4ef78e bnx2x: Add BD support for storage 5 years ago
  Adheer Chandravanshi 9b8d504402 cnic: Add the interfaces to get FC-NPIV table. 5 years ago
  Tej Parkash eddb755428 cnic: Populate upper layer driver state in MFW 5 years ago
  Scott Feldman ff14702844 rocker: use netdev_err after register_netdev 5 years ago
  Scott Feldman 6c4f7780a5 rocker: NULL port if port probe fails 5 years ago
  Raanan Avargil d2d7d4e4a6 e1000e: Increase driver version number 5 years ago
  Raanan Avargil 37b12910dd e1000e: Fix tight loop implementation of systime read algorithm 5 years ago
  Raanan Avargil 2758f9edb7 e1000e: Fix incorrect ASPM locking 5 years ago
  Raanan Avargil d582891594 e1000e: Cosmetic changes 5 years ago
  Raanan Avargil f5ac7445eb e1000e: Fix EEE in Sx implementation 5 years ago
  Shannon Nelson 7073f46e44 i40e: Add AQ commands for NVM Update for X722 5 years ago
  Anjali Singhai Jain 52eb95ef32 i40e/i40evf: Add ATR HW eviction support for X722 5 years ago
  Anjali Singhai Jain 0d8e14392f i40e: Add IWARP support for X722 5 years ago
  Anjali Singhai Jain 527274c78e i40e/i40evf: Add TX/RX outer UDP checksum support for X722 5 years ago
  Anjali Singhai Jain 8e0764b4d6 i40e/i40evf: Add support for writeback on ITR feature for X722 5 years ago
  Anjali Singhai Jain e25d00b87b i40e/i40evf: RSS changes for X722 5 years ago
  Anjali Singhai Jain da48c9a2aa i40e/i40evf: Update register.h file for X722 5 years ago