107 Commits (10cae1c8dfbbdee55bdfcb7034f4c2c1197dc0a4)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Ralf Baechle 10cae1c8df NET: NETROM: Cleanup argument SIOCADDRT ioctl argument checking. 9 years ago
  Ralf Baechle ac1a1de315 NET: NETROM: When adding a route verify length of mnemonic string. 9 years ago
  Paul Gortmaker bc3b2d7fb9 net: Add export.h for EXPORT_SYMBOL/THIS_MODULE to non-modules 9 years ago
  Joe Perches c485538901 netrom: Reduce switch/case indent 9 years ago
  Ralf Baechle 8849b720e9 NET: AX.25, NETROM, ROSE: Remove SOCK_DEBUG calls 10 years ago
  Eric Dumazet aa39514516 net: sk_sleep() helper 11 years ago
  Tejun Heo 5a0e3ad6af include cleanup: Update gfp.h and slab.h includes to prepare for breaking implicit slab.h inclusion from percpu.h 11 years ago
  Li Zefan 90dd7f5ace net: netrom: use seq_hlist_foo() helpers 11 years ago
  Jarek Poplawski d00c362f1b ax25: netrom: rose: Fix timer oopses 11 years ago
  Octavian Purdila 09ad9bc752 net: use net_eq to compare nets 11 years ago
  Eric W. Biederman f8572d8f2a sysctl net: Remove unused binary sysctl code 11 years ago
  Eric Paris 3f378b6844 net: pass kern to net_proto_family create function 11 years ago
  Eric Dumazet c6d14c8456 net: Introduce for_each_netdev_rcu() iterator 11 years ago
  Stephen Hemminger ec1b4cf74c net: mark net_proto_ops as const 11 years ago
  David S. Miller b7058842c9 net: Make setsockopt() optlen be unsigned. 11 years ago
  Stephen Hemminger 36e4d64a82 convert hamradio drivers to netdev_txreturnt_t 11 years ago
  Ralf Baechle c6ba973b8f NETROM: Fix use of static buffer 11 years ago
  Eric Dumazet f6b97b2951 netrom: Fix nr_getname() leak 11 years ago
  Patrick McHardy 6ed106549d net: use NETDEV_TX_OK instead of 0 in ndo_start_xmit() functions 11 years ago
  Eric Dumazet 31e6d363ab net: correct off-by-one write allocations reports 12 years ago
  Eric Dumazet c564039fd8 net: sk_wmem_alloc has initial value of one, not zero 12 years ago
  Jean Delvare cc29c70dd5 net/netrom: Fix socket locking 12 years ago
  David S. Miller 80e20f6f36 Revert "netrom: zero length frame filtering in NetRom" 12 years ago
  Alan Cox 83e0bbcbe2 af_rose/x25: Sanity check the maximum user frame size 12 years ago
  Bernard Pidoux a3ac80a130 netrom: zero length frame filtering in NetRom 12 years ago
  Stephen Hemminger 0f6c5c8e79 netrom: convert to net_device_ops 12 years ago
  Stephen Hemminger b51414b691 netrom: convert to internal net_device_stats 12 years ago
  David Howells ba95b2353c CRED: Wrap task credential accesses in the netrom protocol 12 years ago
  Alexey Dobriyan 6d9f239a1e net: '&' redux 12 years ago
  Jarek Poplawski 859f4c74d8 netrom: Fix sock_orphan() use in nr_release 12 years ago
  David S. Miller cf508b1211 netdev: Handle ->addr_list_lock just like ->_xmit_lock for lockdep. 12 years ago
  YOSHIFUJI Hideaki 721499e893 netns: Use net_eq() to compare net-namespaces for optimization. 12 years ago
  David S. Miller e8a0464cc9 netdev: Allocate multiple queues for TX. 12 years ago
  David S. Miller c773e847ea netdev: Move _xmit_lock and xmit_lock_owner into netdev_queue. 12 years ago
  David S. Miller 48c5732f4a netrom: Kill spurious NULL'ing of sk->sk_socket. 13 years ago
  David S. Miller 7b66767f96 netrom: Use sock_graft() and remove bogus sk_socket and sk_sleep init. 13 years ago
  YOSHIFUJI Hideaki 3b1e0a655f [NET] NETNS: Omit sock->sk_net without CONFIG_NET_NS. 13 years ago
  YOSHIFUJI Hideaki c346dca108 [NET] NETNS: Omit net_device->nd_net without CONFIG_NET_NS. 13 years ago
  Pavel Emelyanov b5ccd792fa [NET]: Simple ctl_table to ctl_path conversions. 13 years ago
  Pavel Emelyanov b24b8a247f [NET]: Convert init_timer into setup_timer 13 years ago
  David S. Miller c6e6ca712b [NET]: Correct two mistaken skb_reset_mac_header() conversions. 13 years ago
  Pavel Emelyanov 6257ff2177 [NET]: Forget the zero_it argument of sk_alloc() 13 years ago
  Stephen Hemminger 3b04ddde02 [NET]: Move hardware header operations out of netdevice. 13 years ago
  Eric W. Biederman 881d966b48 [NET]: Make the device list and device lookups per namespace. 13 years ago
  Eric W. Biederman e9dc865340 [NET]: Make device event notification network namespace safe 13 years ago
  Eric W. Biederman 1b8d7ae42d [NET]: Make socket creation namespace safe. 13 years ago
  Eric W. Biederman 457c4cbc5a [NET]: Make /proc/net per network namespace 13 years ago
  YOSHIFUJI Hideaki 639fc4c381 [NET] NETROM: Fix whitespace errors. 13 years ago
  Philippe De Muyter 56b3d975bb [NET]: Make all initialized struct seq_operations const. 13 years ago
  Pavel Emelianov 7562f876cd [NET]: Rework dev_base via list_head (v3) 14 years ago