96 Commits (isee-imx_4.9.11_1.0.0_ga)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Ido Schimmel 97c242902c switchdev: Execute bridge ndos only for bridge ports 4 years ago
  Jiri Pirko 347e3b28c1 switchdev: remove FIB offload infrastructure 4 years ago
  Jiri Pirko c98501879b fib: introduce FIB info offload flag helpers 4 years ago
  Roopa Prabhu d297653dd6 rtnetlink: fdb dump: optimize by saving last interface markers 4 years ago
  Ido Schimmel 6bc506b4fb bridge: switchdev: Add forward mark support for stacked devices 4 years ago
  Ido Schimmel 5c326ab49e switchdev: Support parent ID comparison for stacked devices 4 years ago
  Or Gerlitz 2eb03e6c4e switchdev: Put export declaration in the right place 4 years ago
  Or Gerlitz 8438884d4a net/switchdev: Export the same parent ID service function 4 years ago
  Jiri Pirko da4ed55165 switchdev: pass pointer to fib_info instead of copy 4 years ago
  Florian Fainelli 8fbb89c6fb net: switchdev: Drop EXPERIMENTAL from description 4 years ago
  Elad Raz 7ceb2afbd6 switchdev: Adding complete operation to deferred switchdev ops 5 years ago
  Nicolas Dichtel 3e34766048 switchdev: fix typo in comments/doc 5 years ago
  MINOURA Makoto / 箕浦 真 472681d57a net: ndo_fdb_dump should report -EMSGSIZE to rtnl_fdb_dump. 5 years ago
  Ido Schimmel 4f2c6ae5c6 switchdev: Require RTNL mutex to be held when sending FDB notifications 5 years ago
  Elad Raz 4d41e12593 switchdev: Adding MDB entry offload 5 years ago
  Ido Schimmel 6ff64f6f92 switchdev: Pass original device to port netdev driver 5 years ago
  Jiri Pirko 0c63d80c3f switchdev: respect SKIP_EOPNOTSUPP flag in case there is no recursion 5 years ago
  Scott Feldman e258d919b1 switchdev: fix: pass correct obj size when deferring obj add 5 years ago
  Scott Feldman 3a7bde55a1 switchdev: fix: erasing too much of vlan obj when handling multiple vlan specs 5 years ago
  Ido Schimmel 741af0053b switchdev: Add support for flood control 5 years ago
  Jiri Pirko 771acac2ff switchdev: assert rtnl mutex when going over lower netdevs 5 years ago
  Jiri Pirko 4d429c5ddc switchdev: introduce possibility to defer obj_add/del 5 years ago
  Jiri Pirko 850d0cbc91 switchdev: remove pointers from switchdev objects 5 years ago
  Jiri Pirko 0bc05d585d switchdev: allow caller to explicitly request attr_set as deferred 5 years ago
  Jiri Pirko f7fadf3047 switchdev: make struct switchdev_attr parameter const for attr_set calls 5 years ago
  Jiri Pirko 793f40147e switchdev: introduce switchdev deferred ops infrastructure 5 years ago
  Nikolay Aleksandrov 87aaf2caed switchdev: check if the vlan id is in the proper vlan range 5 years ago
  Nikolay Aleksandrov cc02aa8e41 switchdev: enforce no pvid flag in vlan ranges 5 years ago
  Scott Feldman 464314ea6c switchdev: skip over ports returning -EOPNOTSUPP when recursing ports 5 years ago
  Jiri Pirko 9e8f4a548a switchdev: push object ID back to object structure 5 years ago
  Jiri Pirko 648b4a995a switchdev: bring back switchdev_obj and use it as a generic object param 5 years ago
  Jiri Pirko 52ba57cfdc switchdev: rename switchdev_obj_fdb to switchdev_obj_port_fdb 5 years ago
  Jiri Pirko 8f24f3095d switchdev: rename switchdev_obj_vlan to switchdev_obj_port_vlan 5 years ago
  Jiri Pirko 1f86839874 switchdev: rename SWITCHDEV_ATTR_* enum values to SWITCHDEV_ATTR_ID_* 5 years ago
  Jiri Pirko 57d80838da switchdev: rename SWITCHDEV_OBJ_* enum values to SWITCHDEV_OBJ_ID_* 5 years ago
  Vivien Didelot ab06900230 net: switchdev: abstract object in add/del ops 5 years ago
  Vivien Didelot 25f07adc47 net: switchdev: pass callback to dump operation 5 years ago
  Vivien Didelot 03d5fb1862 net: switchdev: remove dev from switchdev_obj cb 5 years ago
  Vivien Didelot e02a06b2a7 net: switchdev: move dev in switchdev_fdb_dump 5 years ago
  Vivien Didelot e23b002b23 net: switchdev: remove dev in port_vlan_dump_put 5 years ago
  Jiri Pirko f623ab7f51 switchdev: reduce transaction phase enum down to a boolean 5 years ago
  Jiri Pirko 9f6467cf22 switchdev: remove "ABORT" transaction phase 5 years ago
  Jiri Pirko f8db83486e switchdev: move transaction phase enum under transaction structure 5 years ago
  Jiri Pirko 7ea6eb3f56 switchdev: introduce transaction item queue for attr_set and obj_add 5 years ago
  Jiri Pirko 69f5df491e switchdev: rename "trans" to "trans_ph". 5 years ago
  Jiri Pirko 0890cf6cb6 switchdev: fix return value of switchdev_port_fdb_dump in case of error 5 years ago
  Vivien Didelot ce80e7bc57 net: switchdev: support static FDB addresses 5 years ago
  David S. Miller cdf0969763 Revert "Merge branch 'mv88e6xxx-switchdev-fdb'" 5 years ago
  Vivien Didelot 890248261a net: switchdev: support static FDB addresses 5 years ago
  Vivien Didelot 1525c386a1 net: switchdev: change fdb addr for a byte array 5 years ago