506 Commits (isee-imx_4.9.11_1.0.0_ga)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Lance Richardson 18767acb7b openvswitch: maintain correct checksum state in conntrack actions 4 years ago
  Daniele Di Proietto f92a80a997 openvswitch: Fix skb leak in IPv6 reassembly. 4 years ago
  Jiri Benc 3145c037e7 openvswitch: add NETIF_F_HW_VLAN_STAG_TX to internal dev 4 years ago
  Jiri Benc 72ec108d70 openvswitch: fix vlan subtraction from packet length 4 years ago
  Jiri Benc 20ecf1e4e3 openvswitch: vlan: remove wrong likely statement 4 years ago
  Jiri Benc 85de4a2101 openvswitch: use mpls_hdr 4 years ago
  Jiri Benc f7d49bce8e openvswitch: mpls: set network header correctly on key extract 4 years ago
  pravin shelar 2279994d07 openvswitch: avoid resetting flow key while installing new flow. 4 years ago
  pravin shelar 190aa3e778 openvswitch: Fix Frame-size larger than 1024 bytes warning. 4 years ago
  Thadeu Lima de Souza Cascardo db74a3335e openvswitch: use percpu flow stats 4 years ago
  Thadeu Lima de Souza Cascardo 40773966cc openvswitch: fix flow stats accounting when node 0 is not possible 4 years ago
  Lance Richardson 2679d04041 openvswitch: avoid deferred execution of recirc actions 4 years ago
  Thadeu Lima de Souza Cascardo ed227099da openvswitch: use alias for genetlink family names 4 years ago
  Eric Garver 018c1dda5f openvswitch: 802.1AD Flow handling, actions, vlan parsing, netlink attributes 4 years ago
  Joe Stringer 76644232e6 openvswitch: Free tmpl with tmpl_free. 4 years ago
  David Ahern 48d2ab609b net: mpls: Fixups for GSO 4 years ago
  Martynas Pumputis 4b5b9ba553 openvswitch: do not ignore netdev errors when creating tunnel vports 4 years ago
  Ian Wienand 5ef9f289c4 OVS: Ignore negative headroom value 4 years ago
  Jarno Rajahalme bce91f8a42 openvswitch: Remove incorrect WARN_ONCE(). 4 years ago
  Florian Westphal 23014011ba netfilter: conntrack: support a fixed size of 128 distinct labels 4 years ago
  Samuel Gauthier d913d3a763 openvswitch: fix conntrack netlink event delivery 4 years ago
  Jarno Rajahalme 7d904c7bcd openvswitch: Only set mark and labels with a commit flag. 4 years ago
  Jarno Rajahalme 1c1779fa54 openvswitch: Set mark and labels before confirming. 4 years ago
  William Tu b95e5928fc openvswitch: Add packet len info to upcall. 4 years ago
  William Tu f2a4d086ed openvswitch: Add packet truncation support. 4 years ago
  Zhang Shengju 684ff4ef5e ovs: set name assign type of internal port 4 years ago
  Simon Horman bc7cc5999f openvswitch: update checksum in {push,pop}_mpls 4 years ago
  Joe Stringer 16ec3d4fbb openvswitch: Fix cached ct with helper. 5 years ago
  Pablo Neira Ayuso 3b78155b1b openvswitch: __nf_ct_l{3,4}proto_find() always return a valid pointer 5 years ago
  Nicolas Dichtel 66c7a5ee1a ovs: align nlattr properly when needed 5 years ago
  Nicolas Dichtel 0238b7204b ovs: use nla_put_u64_64bit() 5 years ago
  Nicolas Dichtel b46f6ded90 libnl: nla_put_be64(): align on a 64-bit area 5 years ago
  Simon Horman b4f70527f0 openvswitch: use flow protocol when recalculating ipv6 checksums 5 years ago
  Joe Stringer 49e261a8a2 openvswitch: Orphan skbs before IPv6 defrag 5 years ago
  Florian Westphal adff6c6560 netfilter: connlabels: change nf_connlabels_get bit arg to 'highest used' 5 years ago
  Phil Sutter 4272cc51a6 openvswitch: Convert to using IFF_NO_QUEUE 5 years ago
  Arnd Bergmann 99b7248e2a openvswitch: call only into reachable nf-nat code 5 years ago
  Jarno Rajahalme 5745b0be05 openvswitch: Fix checking for new expected connections. 5 years ago
  Haishuang Yan ac71b46efd openvswitch: Use proper buffer size in nla_memcpy 5 years ago
  Daniel Borkmann fca5fdf67d ip_tunnels, bpf: define IP_TUNNEL_OPTS_MAX and use it 5 years ago
  Simon Horman fe3a5f6c79 openvswitch: allow output of MPLS packets on tunnel vports 5 years ago
  Wu Fengguang e014e84685 ovs: internal_set_rx_headroom() can be static 5 years ago
  Jarno Rajahalme 05752523e5 openvswitch: Interface with NAT. 5 years ago
  Jarno Rajahalme 28b6e0c1ac openvswitch: Delay conntrack helper call for new connections. 5 years ago
  Jarno Rajahalme 5b6b929376 openvswitch: Handle NF_REPEAT in conntrack action. 5 years ago
  Jarno Rajahalme 289f225349 openvswitch: Find existing conntrack entry after upcall. 5 years ago
  Jarno Rajahalme 394e910e90 openvswitch: Update the CT state key only after nf_conntrack_in(). 5 years ago
  Jarno Rajahalme 9f13ded8d3 openvswitch: Add commentary to conntrack.c 5 years ago
  Jarno Rajahalme bfa3f9d7f3 netfilter: Remove IP_CT_NEW_REPLY definition. 5 years ago
  Samuel Gauthier 6f15cdbf8a ovs: allow nl 'flow set' to use ufid without flow key 5 years ago