25 Commits (isee-imx_4.9.11_1.0.0_ga)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Eric W Biederman 8f481b50ea netfilter: Remove spurios included of netfilter.h 5 years ago
  Fabian Frederick dc8e54165f netrom: use linux/uaccess.h 6 years ago
  Sasha Levin b67bfe0d42 hlist: drop the node parameter from iterators 8 years ago
  David Howells 9ffc93f203 Remove all #inclusions of asm/system.h 9 years ago
  Ralf Baechle 10cae1c8df NET: NETROM: Cleanup argument SIOCADDRT ioctl argument checking. 9 years ago
  Ralf Baechle ac1a1de315 NET: NETROM: When adding a route verify length of mnemonic string. 9 years ago
  Paul Gortmaker bc3b2d7fb9 net: Add export.h for EXPORT_SYMBOL/THIS_MODULE to non-modules 9 years ago
  Joe Perches c485538901 netrom: Reduce switch/case indent 9 years ago
  Tejun Heo 5a0e3ad6af include cleanup: Update gfp.h and slab.h includes to prepare for breaking implicit slab.h inclusion from percpu.h 11 years ago
  Li Zefan 90dd7f5ace net: netrom: use seq_hlist_foo() helpers 11 years ago
  Jarek Poplawski d00c362f1b ax25: netrom: rose: Fix timer oopses 11 years ago
  Eric Dumazet c6d14c8456 net: Introduce for_each_netdev_rcu() iterator 11 years ago
  Ralf Baechle c6ba973b8f NETROM: Fix use of static buffer 11 years ago
  Eric W. Biederman 881d966b48 [NET]: Make the device list and device lookups per namespace. 13 years ago
  Philippe De Muyter 56b3d975bb [NET]: Make all initialized struct seq_operations const. 13 years ago
  Pavel Emelianov 7562f876cd [NET]: Rework dev_base via list_head (v3) 14 years ago
  Tim Schmielau cd354f1ae7 [PATCH] remove many unneeded #includes of sched.h 14 years ago
  Arjan van de Ven da7071d7e3 [PATCH] mark struct file_operations const 8 14 years ago
  YOSHIFUJI Hideaki 5f8f59d664 [NET] NETROM: Fix whitespace errors. 14 years ago
  Ralf Baechle 58bc574715 [AX.25]: Fix unchecked nr_add_node uses. 14 years ago
  Ralf Baechle c9266b99e2 [AX.25]: Mark all kmalloc users __must_check 14 years ago
  Arnaldo Carvalho de Melo eafff86d3b [NETROM]: Use kmemdup 14 years ago
  Ralf Baechle 52383678a8 [NETROM]: Fix possible null pointer dereference. 14 years ago
  Ralf Baechle f75268cd6c [AX25]: Make ax2asc thread-proof 15 years ago
  Linus Torvalds 1da177e4c3 Linux-2.6.12-rc2 16 years ago