375 Commits (isee-imx_3.14.28.y)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Daniel Mack 878afee9d0 ASoC: soc-dapm: fix use after free 6 years ago
  Lars-Peter Clausen 5540c02cd6 ASoC: dapm: Make sure to always update the DAPM graph in _put_volsw() 7 years ago
  Lars-Peter Clausen c33bed1fff ASoC: dapm: Skip CODEC<->CODEC links in connect_dai_link_widgets() 7 years ago
  Jarkko Nikula b56f12b3ab ASoC: dapm: Fix widget double free with auto-disable DAPM kcontrol 7 years ago
  Charles Keepax 1139110064 ASoC: dapm: Add locking to snd_soc_dapm_xxxx_pin functions 7 years ago
  Charles Keepax 30686c3506 ASoC: dapm: Correct regulator bypass error messages 7 years ago
  Arun Shamanna Lakshmi bd23c5b661 ASoC: dapm: Fix double prefix addition 7 years ago
  Arun Shamanna Lakshmi f7d3c17096 ASoC: dapm: Change prototype of soc_widget_read 7 years ago
  Liam Girdwood b893ea5f1c ASoC: sapm: Automatically connect DAI link widgets in DAPM graph. 7 years ago
  Nenghua Cao 5276597667 ASoC: dapm: update DPCM runtime when mixer/mux changes 7 years ago
  Takashi Iwai bf4edea863 ASoC: dapm: Use WARN_ON() instead of BUG_ON() 7 years ago
  Takashi Iwai a6ed0608bd ASoC: Replace BUG() with WARN() 7 years ago
  Takashi Iwai 298402a385 ASoC: dapm: Return -ENOMEM in snd_soc_dapm_new_dai_widgets() 7 years ago
  Takashi Iwai ff18620c21 ASoC: dapm: Fix source list debugfs outputs 7 years ago
  Mark Brown 1dd275b60e ASoC: dapm: Run clock and regulator events separately to other supplies 7 years ago
  Mark Brown eb270e98e1 ASoC: dapm: Use async I/O for DAPM sequences 7 years ago
  Lars-Peter Clausen 249ce1387b ASoC: dapm: Add support for virtual mixer controls 7 years ago
  Lars-Peter Clausen da83fea612 ASoC: dapm: Ignore VMID widgets for target bias 7 years ago
  Lars-Peter Clausen 2daabd7848 ASoC: dapm: Fix auto-disable for inverted controls 7 years ago
  Lars-Peter Clausen 824ef826f3 ASoC: Pass card instead of dapm context to snd_soc_dapm_new_widgets() 7 years ago
  Lars-Peter Clausen 34742cb02b ASoC: dapm: Fix marking widgets dirty when a route is added 7 years ago
  Mark Brown 69c2d346e8 ASoC: dapm: Ensure kcontrol list is initialised 7 years ago
  Mark Brown 946d92a100 ASoC: dapm: Don't create routes when creating kcontrols 7 years ago
  Russell King 19c2c5f55e ASoC: avoid duplicated DAI routes 7 years ago
  Lars-Peter Clausen 57295073b6 ASoC: dapm: Implement mixer input auto-disable 7 years ago
  Lars-Peter Clausen fe58139114 ASoC: dapm: Fix empty list check in dapm_new_mux() 7 years ago
  Lars-Peter Clausen 2c75bdf3fd ASoC: dapm: Fix kcontrol path list corruption 7 years ago
  Lars-Peter Clausen 9356e9d51c ASoC: dapm: Check return value of snd_soc_cnew() 7 years ago
  Dan Carpenter 46a02c978f ASoC: dapm: using freed pointer in dapm_kcontrol_add_widget() 7 years ago
  Lars-Peter Clausen 39eb5fd13d ASoC: dapm: Delay w->power update until the changes are written 7 years ago
  Lars-Peter Clausen 2553628e19 ASoC: dapm: Add snd_soc_dapm_add_path() helper function 7 years ago
  Lars-Peter Clausen de9ba98b6d ASoC: dapm: Make widget power register settings more flexible 7 years ago
  Lars-Peter Clausen 5106b92f80 ASoC: dapm: Keep a list of paths per kcontrol 7 years ago
  Lars-Peter Clausen cf7c1de20c ASoC: dapm: Move 'value' field from widget to control 7 years ago
  Lars-Peter Clausen e84357f760 ASoC: dapm: Wrap kcontrol widget list access 7 years ago
  Lars-Peter Clausen eee5d7f99a ASoC: dapm: Add a helper to get the CODEC for DAPM kcontrol 7 years ago
  Lars-Peter Clausen 95dd5cd6e1 ASoC: dapm: Pass card instead of dapm context to dapm_power_widgets() 7 years ago
  Lars-Peter Clausen 564c65049e ASoC: dapm: Move snd_soc_dapm_update from dapm context to card 7 years ago
  Lars-Peter Clausen 6b3fc03b3b ASoC: dapm: Add a update parameter to snd_soc_dapm_{mux,mixer}_update_power 7 years ago
  Lars-Peter Clausen ce6cfaf1de ASoC: dapm: Run widget updates for shared controls at the same time 7 years ago
  Lars-Peter Clausen c3f48ae6fd ASoC: dapm: Pass snd_soc_card directly to soc_dpcm_runtime_update() 7 years ago
  Mark Brown 63c69a6e41 ASoC: dapm: Use generic power check for everything except DAIs 7 years ago
  Lars-Peter Clausen 56a6783442 ASoC: dapm: Fix return value of snd_soc_dapm_put_{volsw,enum_virt}() 7 years ago
  Lars-Peter Clausen 5f6e7d52c4 ASoC: Remove unused dapm_get_snd_card() and dapm_get_soc_card() 7 years ago
  Lars-Peter Clausen efc77e36ae ASoC: dapm: Add snd_soc_dapm_switch to the power up/down sequence table 7 years ago
  Lars-Peter Clausen 656ca9d327 ASoC: dapm: Remove unused long_name field from snd_soc_dapm_path struct 7 years ago
  Lars-Peter Clausen 8872293fc3 ASoC: dapm: Add a helper function to free a DAPM path 7 years ago
  Lars-Peter Clausen 58fee775b7 ASoC: dapm: Remove unnecessary loop 7 years ago
  Lars-Peter Clausen 6b75bf0c5b ASoC: dapm: Setup private_free callback for dapm kcontrols 7 years ago
  Mark Brown 4616274d33 ASoC: dapm: Treat DAI widgets like AIF widgets for power 7 years ago