129 Commits (isee-imx_3.14.28.y)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Lars-Peter Clausen 6ed54f08ba ASoC: atmel: Don't set unused struct snd_pcm_hardware fields 7 years ago
  Bo Shen 192043cf60 ASoC: atmel: sam9x5_wm8731: remove platform_set_drvdata 7 years ago
  Nicolas Ferre 8330148011 ARM: at91: remove AT91_PROGRAMMABLE_CLOCKS configuration option 7 years ago
  Bo Shen bc567a9350 ASoC: sam9x5_wm8731: change to work in DSP A mode 7 years ago
  Bo Shen a8f1f100ad ASoC: atmel_ssc_dai: add dai trigger ops 7 years ago
  Bo Shen 46bec25da6 ASoC: atmel: sam9x5_wm8731: fix oops when unload module 7 years ago
  Russell King c9bd5e690a DMA-API: sound: fix dma mask handling in a lot of drivers 7 years ago
  Sachin Kamat 8aa99652cd ASoC: atmel: Include linux/of.h header 7 years ago
  Wolfram Sang 48afa79352 ASoC: atmel: don't use devm_pinctrl_get_select_default() in probe 7 years ago
  Joe Perches 1d198f26c9 sound: Remove unnecessary semicolons 7 years ago
  Andrew Morton 3a429eea10 ASoC: atmel-pcm: fix warning 7 years ago
  Bo Shen e011143454 ASoC: atmel: disable error interrupt 7 years ago
  Nicolas Ferre fdbcb3cba5 ASoC: atmel: machine driver for at91sam9x5-wm8731 boards 7 years ago
  Bo Shen 52f19b14ec ASoC: atmel: add wm8904 based audio machine driver 7 years ago
  Takashi Iwai 571185717f ASoC: atmel: Fix unlocked snd_pcm_stop() call 7 years ago
  Bo Shen 95e0e07e71 ASoC: atmel-pcm: use generic dmaengine framework 7 years ago
  Bo Shen cede8d7aaa ASoC: atmel-pcm-dma: move prepare for dma to dai prepare 7 years ago
  Bo Shen f1b0dd8b93 ASoC: atmel_ssc_dai: add error mask define 7 years ago
  Bo Shen 01f00d55a7 ASoC: atmel_ssc_dai: move set dma data to startup callback 7 years ago
  Mark Brown 9b74fad508 ASoC: sam9g20ek: Let device core handle pinctrl 8 years ago
  Lars-Peter Clausen 7c1c1d4a7b ASoC: dmaengine-pcm: Make requesting the DMA channel at PCM open optional 8 years ago
  Lars-Peter Clausen 5fa70f71db ASoC: dmaengine_pcm: Setup device_fc in snd_hwparams_to_dma_slave_config 8 years ago
  Kuninori Morimoto a2c662c0e5 ASoC: switch over to use snd_soc_register_component() on atmel ssc 8 years ago
  Lars-Peter Clausen 5fe668a1d2 ASoC: atmel-pcm-dma: Do not use snd_dmaengine_pcm_{set,get}_data() 8 years ago
  Lars-Peter Clausen a85fc1b073 ASoC: atmel-pcm-dma: No need to wrap snd_dmaengine_pcm_close() 8 years ago
  Zoltan Puskas f6a75d9504 ASoC: atmel: Add slave mode support to SSC in DSP Mode A 8 years ago
  Bo Shen 151edfc757 ASoC: sam9g20_wm8731: disable clock and correct sequence when unload 8 years ago
  Bo Shen 69706028b9 ASoC: atmel_ssc_dai: correct sequence when unload 8 years ago
  Bo Shen e08b273c38 ASoC: atmel_ssc_dai: remove error set private data 8 years ago
  Bo Shen d8976cfd82 ASoC: atmel_pcm: make it buildable as module 8 years ago
  Joachim Eastwood 153f5a18e4 ASoC: atmel-soc: make it buildable on other architectures 8 years ago
  Bill Pemberton 71d14ea60a ASoC: atmel: remove __dev* attributes 8 years ago
  Bo Shen 3951e4aae2 ASoC: atmel-pcm: dma support based on pcm dmaengine 8 years ago
  Bo Shen 92dfa61986 ASoC: atmel-pcm: split into two file 8 years ago
  Bo Shen 531f67e41d ASoC: at91sam9g20ek-wm8731: convert to dt support 8 years ago
  Bo Shen 3310b57d62 ASoC: atmel-ssc-dai: match new method of dai and pcm register 8 years ago
  Bo Shen be681a8275 ASoC: atmel-ssc-dai: register dai and pcm directly 8 years ago
  Bo Shen 242b9bb83e ASoC: sam9g20-wm8731: convert to use snd_soc_register_card() 8 years ago
  Axel Lin bc6c117ef0 ASoC: Convert afeb9260 to table based DAPM init 9 years ago
  Axel Lin 5813db970d ASoC: Use dai_fmt in afeb9260 machine driver 9 years ago
  Joachim Eastwood 350e16d529 ASoC: replace 0xffffffff with DMA_BIT_MASK macro 9 years ago
  Axel Lin e4e9e05409 ASoC: Fix recursive dependency due to select ATMEL_SSC in SND_ATMEL_SOC_SSC 9 years ago
  Joachim Eastwood 25e9e7565f ASoC: check for substream not channels_min in pcm engines 9 years ago
  Axel Lin 739be96ab8 ASoC: Fix build dependency for SND_ATMEL_SOC_SSC 9 years ago
  Axel Lin 338d68db77 ASoC: atmel: Add .owner to struct snd_soc_card 9 years ago
  Axel Lin b31c9056e4 ASoC: Convert atmel directory to module_platform_driver 9 years ago
  Lars-Peter Clausen 85e7652d89 ASoC: Constify snd_soc_dai_ops structs 9 years ago
  Paul Bolle 4ca8af579c ASoC: drop support for PlayPaq with WM8510 9 years ago
  Mark Brown 87bea31c7b ASoC: Remove redundant snd_soc_dapm_sync() calls from machine drivers 9 years ago
  Axel Lin 694741471b ASoC: playpaq_wm8510: Return proper error if clk_get fails 9 years ago