64 Commits (isee-imx_3.14.28.y)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Paul Gortmaker 51990e8254 device.h: cleanup users outside of linux/include (C files) 9 years ago
  Paul Gortmaker 65a772172b sound: fix drivers needing module.h not moduleparam.h 9 years ago
  Takashi Iwai 94094c8aae ALSA: timer - Add NULL-check for invalid slave timer 9 years ago
  Takashi Iwai 0584ffa548 ALSA: timer - Fix Oops at closing slave timer 9 years ago
  Nicolas Kaiser 5b7c757d1a ALSA: sound/core: merge list_del()/list_add_tail() to list_move_tail() 10 years ago
  Kay Sievers 03cfe6f57d ALSA: support module on-demand loading for seq and timer 10 years ago
  Clemens Ladisch 109fef9edc ALSA: timer: automatically load the high-resolution timer 10 years ago
  Dan Carpenter bfe70783ca ALSA: take tu->qlock with irqs disabled 11 years ago
  Takashi Iwai 02f4865fa4 ALSA: core - Define llseek fops 11 years ago
  Jaroslav Kysela b30477d5e2 ALSA: timer - pass real event in snd_timer_notify1() to instance callback 11 years ago
  Li Zefan ef44a1ec6e ALSA: sound/core: use memdup_user() 12 years ago
  Jonathan Corbet 60aa49243d Rationalize fasync return values 12 years ago
  Takashi Iwai 1f04128a3d ALSA: hda - Convert from takslet_hi_schedule() to tasklet_schedule() 12 years ago
  Al Viro 233e70f422 saner FASYNC handling on file close 12 years ago
  Takashi Iwai 0072889a55 ALSA: fix a typo during snd_assert() removal 12 years ago
  Takashi Iwai 7eaa943c8e ALSA: Kill snd_assert() in sound/core/* 12 years ago
  Johannes Berg ee2da99782 ALSA: remove CONFIG_KMOD from sound 12 years ago
  Jan Blunck 0d63e4f9ea Dont touch fs_struct in drivers 13 years ago
  Takashi Iwai 9004acc70e [ALSA] Remove sound/driver.h 13 years ago
  Jaroslav Kysela b751eef1fd [ALSA] Use posix clock monotonic for PCM and timer timestamps 13 years ago
  Jaroslav Kysela c1017a4cdb [ALSA] Changed Jaroslav Kysela's e-mail from perex@suse.cz to perex@perex.cz 13 years ago
  Clemens Ladisch 7c64ec343a [ALSA] timer: check for incorrect device state in non-debug compiles, too 13 years ago
  Randy Dunlap e63340ae6b header cleaning: don't include smp_lock.h when not used 14 years ago
  Arjan van de Ven 9c2e08c592 [PATCH] mark struct file_operations const 9 14 years ago
  Robert P. J. Day bcb4d788f5 [ALSA] Remove useless reference to obsolete KERNELD 14 years ago
  Johannes Berg 9244b2c307 [ALSA] alsa core: convert to list_for_each_entry* 14 years ago
  Clemens Ladisch 6e9059b05f [ALSA] system timer: remove unused snd_timer_system_private.timer field 14 years ago
  Clemens Ladisch cd93fe4770 [ALSA] timer: fix timer rescheduling 14 years ago
  Clemens Ladisch de2696d8bc [ALSA] system timer: clear correction value when timer stops 14 years ago
  Clemens Ladisch 6ed5eff025 [ALSA] system timer: accumulate correction for multiple lost ticks 14 years ago
  Clemens Ladisch 17f48ec3f1 [ALSA] system timer: fix lost ticks correction adjustment 14 years ago
  Takashi Iwai c461482c80 [ALSA] Unregister device files at disconnection 15 years ago
  Takashi Iwai 746d4a02e6 [ALSA] Fix disconnection of proc interface 15 years ago
  Takashi Iwai 2999ff5ba1 [ALSA] Fix a deadlock in snd-rtctimer 15 years ago
  Takashi Iwai 6581f4e74d [ALSA] Remove zero-initialization of static variables 15 years ago
  Takashi Iwai 170a34605c [ALSA] Fix compile warning in timer.c 15 years ago
  Takashi Iwai d689e34b52 [ALSA] Remove spinlocks around proc prints 15 years ago
  Takashi Iwai bf850204a7 [ALSA] Remove unneeded read/write_size fields in proc text ops 15 years ago
  Ingo Molnar 1a60d4c5a0 [ALSA] semaphore -> mutex (core part) 15 years ago
  Takashi Iwai e28563cceb [ALSA] Optimize for config without PROC_FS 15 years ago
  Clemens Ladisch f87135f56c [ALSA] dynamic minors (3/6): store device-specific object pointers dynamically 15 years ago
  Clemens Ladisch 2af677fc88 [ALSA] dynamic minors (1/6): store device type in struct snd_minor 15 years ago
  Takashi Iwai b32425ac93 [ALSA] Fix possible races in timer callbacks 15 years ago
  Takashi Iwai 73e77ba023 [ALSA] Add error messages 15 years ago
  Takashi Iwai 53d2f744af [ALSA] Remove xxx_t typedefs: Timer 15 years ago
  Clemens Ladisch 6b172a8538 [ALSA] timer: formatting changes 15 years ago
  Clemens Ladisch 9dfba38012 [ALSA] timer: remove list_entry() type casts 15 years ago
  Clemens Ladisch de24214d0c [ALSA] timers: add module refcounting for global timers 15 years ago
  Clemens Ladisch 2fd43d1159 [ALSA] timer: fix timer instance memory allocation checks 15 years ago
  Takashi Iwai 07799e756c [ALSA] Use getnstimeofday() 15 years ago