38 Commits (isee-imx_3.14.28.y)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Paul Walmsley 337bb336b9 ALSA: atmel_abdac: clk_round_rate() can return a zero upon error 7 years ago
  Takashi Iwai e4de211cd3 ALSA: atmel: Fix possible array overflow 7 years ago
  Linus Walleij a1c22cdc77 ALSA: atmel: remove dependency on <mach/gpio.h> 7 years ago
  Sachin Kamat 9ea6cfbc2a ALSA: atmel: Remove redundant platform_set_drvdata() 7 years ago
  Eldad Zack 74c34ca1cc ALSA: pcm_format_to_bits strong-typed conversion 7 years ago
  Bill Pemberton 61dc674c3b ALSA: atmel: remove __dev* attributes 8 years ago
  Julia Lawall 0c23e46eb4 ALSA: sound/atmel/ac97c.c: fix error return code 8 years ago
  Julia Lawall aaf265c22e ALSA: sound/atmel/abdac.c: fix error return code 8 years ago
  Takashi Iwai d34e4e00ad ALSA: platform: Check CONFIG_PM_SLEEP instead of CONFIG_PM 8 years ago
  Takashi Iwai 284e7ca75f ALSA: convert PM ops of platform_driver to new pm ops 8 years ago
  Takashi Iwai 8bf01d8abc ALSA: Add missing .owner=THIS_MODULE to platform_driver definitions 8 years ago
  Bo Shen b2522f9262 ALSA: atmel/ac97c: correct the unexpected behavior when using uninitial value for reset pin 8 years ago
  Viresh Kumar e2b35f3dbf dmaengine/dw_dmac: Fix dw_dmac user drivers to adapt to slave_config changes 9 years ago
  Bo Shen 8015e3defe ALSA: atmel/ac97c: using software reset instead hardware reset if not available 9 years ago
  Vinod Koul 35e16581ed sound-soc: move to dma_transfer_direction 9 years ago
  Hans-Christian Egtvedt 0cfae7c937 ALSA: atmel - update author email for ABDAC, AC97C and AT73C213 9 years ago
  Joe Perches 28f65c11f2 treewide: Convert uses of struct resource to resource_size(ptr) 9 years ago
  Hans-Christian Egtvedt fd76804f3f ALSA: fix invalid hardware.h include in ac97c for AVR32 architecture 10 years ago
  Takashi Iwai 1beded5d9c ALSA: atmel - Fix the return value in error path 10 years ago
  Vasiliy Kulikov c0763e687d ALSA: snd-atmel-abdac: test wrong variable 10 years ago
  Vasiliy Kulikov 5ad57d20c9 ALSA: snd-atmel-abdac: test wrong variable 10 years ago
  Yegor Yefremov f534116308 ALSA: atmel: set "channel A event" output to debug 10 years ago
  Sedji Gaouaou ec2755a93d ALSA: AC97: add full duplex support for atmel AT91 and AVR. 11 years ago
  Sedji Gaouaou 7177395fdd ALSA: AC97: add AC97 support for AT91. 11 years ago
  Hans-Christian Egtvedt fa075ed2dc ALSA: snd-atmel-abdac: increase periods_min to 6 instead of 4 12 years ago
  Hans-Christian Egtvedt 60a56cce7a ALSA: snd-atmel-abdac: replace bus_id with dev_name() 12 years ago
  Hans-Christian Egtvedt 23572856e0 ALSA: snd-atmel-ac97c: replace bus_id with dev_name() 12 years ago
  Hans-Christian Egtvedt bd74a1843e ALSA: snd-atmel-ac97c: cleanup registers when removing driver 12 years ago
  Hans-Christian Egtvedt 81baf3a7f6 ALSA: snd-atmel-ac97c: do a proper reset of the external codec 12 years ago
  Hans-Christian Egtvedt df163587ea ALSA: snd-atmel-ac97c: enable interrupts to catch events for error reporting 12 years ago
  Hans-Christian Egtvedt c42eec0f19 ALSA: snd-atmel-ac97c: set correct size for buffer hardware parameter 12 years ago
  Hans-Christian Egtvedt 128ed6a926 ALSA: snd-atmel-ac97c: do not overwrite OCA and ICA when assigning channels 12 years ago
  Hans-Christian Egtvedt d54bb9f0c5 ALSA: snd-atmel-ac97c: remove dead break statements after return in switch case 12 years ago
  Hans-Christian Egtvedt 8321fc0113 ALSA: snd-atmel-ac97c: cleanup register definitions 12 years ago
  Hans-Christian Egtvedt 4ede028f87 ALSA: Add ALSA driver for Atmel AC97 controller 12 years ago
  Hans-Christian Egtvedt e4967d6016 ALSA: Add ALSA driver for Atmel Audio Bitstream DAC 12 years ago