431980 Commits (isee-imx_3.14.28.y)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Bai Ping 91cf351a2a MLK-10439: arm: imx: fix system hang after resume back under low busfreq 6 years ago
  Richard Zhu c8b88cd2ec MLK-10422 pci: designware: do not switch the mem view 6 years ago
  Sandor Yu 899414fc9e MLK-10423: Capture: System hang if capture test app been killed 6 years ago
  Shenwei Wang c33b14da89 MLK-10210 WIFI: ath6kl: Fixed the issue that warning messages were printed when uninstalling ath6kl_sdio after iperf test. 6 years ago
  Dong Aisheng 34b7539ee7 MLK-10211 can: flexcan: fix resume failed issue 6 years ago
  Nitin Garg f6ab40182f MLK-10346: Enable NetFilter to align with Yocto Project community 6 years ago
  Sandor Yu 9bbfe34b9b MLK-10269: dts: Change sii902x hdmi bpp from 32 to 16 6 years ago
  Sandor Yu be07bf72df MLK-10371: ov5640: Rename int-device ov5640 driver to ov564x 6 years ago
  Bai Ping e65df60e1b MLK-10271 cpufreq: imx6: improve busfreq operation when wehn setpoint lower than 396MHz 6 years ago
  Fugang Duan d24a5df30a MLK-10199 ARM: clk-imx6q: set enet pll rate to 125Mhz 6 years ago
  Dong Aisheng 7ef864bb46 MLK-10228 dts: imx6qdl-sabreauto: remove SDb WP pin which is not connect by default 6 years ago
  Robby Cai 9dd1ed06c9 MLK-10349 ARM: dts: imx6dql: fix the clock for MIPI CSI2 6 years ago
  Peter Chen 8af72e1469 MLK-10279-2 usb: chipidea: imx: only do charger detection if we enable it 6 years ago
  Peter Chen 0fb0fc8973 MLK-10279-1 usb: common: otg-fsm: only signal connect after switching to peripheral 6 years ago
  Nitin Garg da30d9ff55 MLK-10259: Remove ARCH_MULTI_V6 config from v7 defconfig 6 years ago
  Shawn Guo 15ef4641e7 ARM: imx: drop PL310 errata 588369 and 727915 6 years ago
  Robby Cai 6b4144acdb MLK-10248 video: ipuv3-fb: fix hang up with cmdline option for CLAA WVGA 6 years ago
  Li Jun a95e6f53b8 MLK-10243 usb: chipidea: udc: enable and disable BSV irq only for ID change 6 years ago
  Han Xu 925e7db9d9 MLK-10245: mtd: nand: may use minimum required ecc for 744 oobsize NAND 6 years ago
  Sandor Yu 2362ae7927 MLK-10249: vadc: improve vadc video mode detected 6 years ago
  Sandor Yu c7edc917d4 MLK-10232-3: dts: Add vadc to generic pm domain 6 years ago
  Sandor Yu 13532d4f03 MLK-10232-2 gpc: change the number of disply clks 6 years ago
  Sandor Yu 905ac59a91 MLK-10232-1: vadc: Add vadc to generic pm domain 6 years ago
  Richard Zhu d578346b1f MLK-10203-4 PCI: imx: add the disp_mix for imx6sx pcie 6 years ago
  Richard Zhu ca2149fc0a MLK-10203-3 arm: pcie: add the disp mix pwr domain 6 years ago
  Richard Zhu a95cccae57 MLK-10203-2 arm: pcie: enable imx6qdl pcie support 6 years ago
  Richard Zhu 334af1b0fd MLK-10203-1 pci: imx: enable imx6qdl pcie support 6 years ago
  Li Jun 15290d39e1 MLK-10179-2 usb: chipidea: host: turn on vbus before add hcd if early vbus on is required 6 years ago
  Li Jun 83f839d2e5 MLK-10179-1 usb: chipidea: add a flag for turn on vbus early for host 6 years ago
  Robin Gong f07791882d MLK-10238-4: power: domain: add suspend_noirq/resume_noirq in power domain 6 years ago
  Robin Gong 065328d5cb MLK-10238-3: ARM: imx: gpc: correct the function and structure 6 years ago
  Ulf Hansson 8e1724184d drivercore / platform: Convert to dev_pm_domain_attach|detach() 6 years ago
  Ulf Hansson 7c11a6d71a PM / Domains: Add APIs to attach/detach a PM domain for a device 6 years ago
  Ulf Hansson 5b24575a1a ACPI / PM: Assign the ->detach() callback when attaching the PM domain 6 years ago
  Ulf Hansson cee5f88201 PM / Domains: Add a detach callback to the struct dev_pm_domain 6 years ago
  Robin Gong 9d2fe13e77 MLK-10238-2: Revert "drivercore: Bind/unbind power domain on probe/remove" 6 years ago
  Tomasz Figa 2685fa0435 PM / Domains: Add generic OF-based PM domain look-up 6 years ago
  Geert Uytterhoeven 9d9ea80db5 PM / domains: Spelling s/domian/domain/ 6 years ago
  Ulf Hansson cad3bc4575 PM / domains: Add late_initcall to disable unused PM domains 6 years ago
  Ulf Hansson 49955b3071 PM / domains: Remove genpd_queue_power_off_work() API 6 years ago
  Ulf Hansson c44421013c PM / domains: Remove pm_genpd_syscore_switch() API 6 years ago
  Ulf Hansson 59eb92d581 PM / domains: Remove redundant check for CONFIG_PM 6 years ago
  Ulf Hansson b6524cd25d PM / domains: Remove dev_irq_safe from genpd config 6 years ago
  Ulf Hansson 04ba852aed PM / domains: Remove system PM callbacks from gpd_dev_ops 6 years ago
  Ulf Hansson 847392d4cd PM / domains: Ignore callbacks for subsys generic_pm_domain_data 6 years ago
  Ulf Hansson d189c41917 PM / domains: Remove the pm_genpd_add|remove_callbacks APIs 6 years ago
  Tushar Behera 90e5faac99 PM / domains: Add pd_ignore_unused to keep power domains enabled 7 years ago
  Paul Gortmaker fd034ecee4 drivers/base: delete non-required instances of include <linux/init.h> 7 years ago
  Robin Gong ff13216910 MLK-10238-1: Revert "base: power: Add generic OF-based power domain look-up" 6 years ago
  Ranjani Vaidyanathan 1794fd3c6a MLK-9961-5 cpufreq:imx6x: Change PLL1 clock management. 6 years ago