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ASoC: wm8960: Move register initialisation to I2C driver probe()

We must ensure that the clocking configuration is valid as rapidly as possible.
And do software reset before the others registers updates, or the registers
will be reset to the default state.

Signed-off-by: Zidan Wang <>
Signed-off-by: Mark Brown <>
Zidan Wang 6 years ago
committed by Mark Brown
1 changed files with 20 additions and 21 deletions
  1. +20

+ 20
- 21
sound/soc/codecs/wm8960.c View File

@ -128,7 +128,7 @@ struct wm8960_priv {
struct wm8960_data pdata;
#define wm8960_reset(c) snd_soc_write(c, WM8960_RESET, 0)
#define wm8960_reset(c) regmap_write(c, WM8960_RESET, 0)
/* enumerated controls */
static const char *wm8960_polarity[] = {"No Inversion", "Left Inverted",
@ -947,31 +947,12 @@ static int wm8960_probe(struct snd_soc_codec *codec)
struct wm8960_priv *wm8960 = snd_soc_codec_get_drvdata(codec);
struct wm8960_data *pdata = &wm8960->pdata;
int ret;
if (pdata->capless)
wm8960->set_bias_level = wm8960_set_bias_level_capless;
wm8960->set_bias_level = wm8960_set_bias_level_out3;
ret = wm8960_reset(codec);
if (ret < 0) {
dev_err(codec->dev, "Failed to issue reset\n");
return ret;
/* Latch the update bits */
snd_soc_update_bits(codec, WM8960_LINVOL, 0x100, 0x100);
snd_soc_update_bits(codec, WM8960_RINVOL, 0x100, 0x100);
snd_soc_update_bits(codec, WM8960_LADC, 0x100, 0x100);
snd_soc_update_bits(codec, WM8960_RADC, 0x100, 0x100);
snd_soc_update_bits(codec, WM8960_LDAC, 0x100, 0x100);
snd_soc_update_bits(codec, WM8960_RDAC, 0x100, 0x100);
snd_soc_update_bits(codec, WM8960_LOUT1, 0x100, 0x100);
snd_soc_update_bits(codec, WM8960_ROUT1, 0x100, 0x100);
snd_soc_update_bits(codec, WM8960_LOUT2, 0x100, 0x100);
snd_soc_update_bits(codec, WM8960_ROUT2, 0x100, 0x100);
snd_soc_add_codec_controls(codec, wm8960_snd_controls,
@ -1030,7 +1011,13 @@ static int wm8960_i2c_probe(struct i2c_client *i2c,
else if (i2c->dev.of_node)
wm8960_set_pdata_from_of(i2c, &wm8960->pdata);
if (pdata && pdata->shared_lrclk) {
ret = wm8960_reset(wm8960->regmap);
if (ret != 0) {
dev_err(&i2c->dev, "Failed to issue reset\n");
return ret;
if (wm8960->pdata.shared_lrclk) {
ret = regmap_update_bits(wm8960->regmap, WM8960_ADDCTL2,
0x4, 0x4);
if (ret != 0) {
@ -1040,6 +1027,18 @@ static int wm8960_i2c_probe(struct i2c_client *i2c,
/* Latch the update bits */
regmap_update_bits(wm8960->regmap, WM8960_LINVOL, 0x100, 0x100);
regmap_update_bits(wm8960->regmap, WM8960_RINVOL, 0x100, 0x100);
regmap_update_bits(wm8960->regmap, WM8960_LADC, 0x100, 0x100);
regmap_update_bits(wm8960->regmap, WM8960_RADC, 0x100, 0x100);
regmap_update_bits(wm8960->regmap, WM8960_LDAC, 0x100, 0x100);
regmap_update_bits(wm8960->regmap, WM8960_RDAC, 0x100, 0x100);
regmap_update_bits(wm8960->regmap, WM8960_LOUT1, 0x100, 0x100);
regmap_update_bits(wm8960->regmap, WM8960_ROUT1, 0x100, 0x100);
regmap_update_bits(wm8960->regmap, WM8960_LOUT2, 0x100, 0x100);
regmap_update_bits(wm8960->regmap, WM8960_ROUT2, 0x100, 0x100);
i2c_set_clientdata(i2c, wm8960);
ret = snd_soc_register_codec(&i2c->dev,