Freescale u-boot repository
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Simon Glass c95fec3192 timer: Provide an early timer 5 years ago
adc sandbox: add ADC driver 5 years ago
bios_emulator dm: pci: Convert bios_emu to use the driver model PCI API 5 years ago
block Use correct spelling of "U-Boot" 5 years ago
bootcount bootcount: Correct #endif comment to match, other aesthetics 5 years ago
clk clk: uniphier: add Media I/O clock driver for UniPhier SoCs 5 years ago
core dm: Remove device_probe_child() 5 years ago
cpu x86: Move MP initialization codes into a common place 5 years ago
crypto powerpc/SECURE_BOOT: Add PAMU driver 5 years ago
ddr Use correct spelling of "U-Boot" 5 years ago
demo drivers: hierarchize drivers Kconfig menu 5 years ago
dfu mmc: store hwpart in the block device 5 years ago
dma drivers: dma: ti-edma3: convert driver to adopt driver model 5 years ago
fpga Revert "arm: socfpga: set the fpga global bit to disable HPS to FPGA signals" 5 years ago
gpio stm32: add support for stm32f7 & stm32f746 discovery board 5 years ago
hwmon mailaddr: Update mail address 5 years ago
i2c mvtwsi: Fix breakage introduced by "Fix mvtwsi not working on sun6i and newer sunxi SoCs" 5 years ago
input tegra: keyboard: Fix the init order 5 years ago
led dm: led: Tidy up SPL options for the led and led-gpio 5 years ago
memory Various Makefiles: Add SPDX-License-Identifier tags 5 years ago
misc superio: Add SMSC SIO1007 driver 5 years ago
mmc mmc: Kconfig: Add Arasan SDHCI entry 5 years ago
mtd sf: spi_flash: use dma to copy data from mmap region if platform supports 5 years ago
net Merge branch 'master' of git:// 5 years ago
pch x86: pch9: Implement get_io_base op 5 years ago
pci pci_rom: fix may be used uninitialized warning 5 years ago
pcmcia powerpc: mpc824x: remove MPC824X cpu support 6 years ago
pinctrl pinctrl: imx: Support i.MX7D 5 years ago
power pmic: tps65218: add useful functions and defines 5 years ago
pwm tegra: video: Move LCD driver to use the DM PWM driver 5 years ago
qe board: ls1043ardb: Add micro QE support for ls1043ardb 5 years ago
ram ram: rename CONFIG_SPL_RAM_SUPPORT to CONFIG_SPL_RAM 5 years ago
remoteproc drivers: remoteproc: rproc-uclass: Fix check for NULL pointers 5 years ago
rtc rtc: Add MCP79411 support to DS1307 rtc driver 5 years ago
serial serial: dcc: Move driver to DM 5 years ago
soc Use correct spelling of "U-Boot" 5 years ago
sound of: clean up OF_CONTROL ifdef conditionals 5 years ago
spi spi: spi-uclass: Set slave wordlen with SPI_DEFAULT_WORDLEN 5 years ago
thermal imx: mx7: fix the temperature checking for Rev1.1 5 years ago
timer timer: Provide an early timer 5 years ago
tpm tpm: st33zp24: Add tpm st33zp24 spi support 5 years ago
twserial drivers: convert makefiles to Kbuild style 7 years ago
usb fastboot: update error and warning messages 5 years ago
video video: Add S3C24xx framebuffer support 5 years ago
watchdog imx_watchdog: always set minimal timeout in reset_cpu 5 years ago
Kconfig dm: pwm: Add a PWM uclass 5 years ago
Makefile drivers: ddr: Add DDR2 SDRAM controller driver for Microchip PIC32. 5 years ago