25688 Commits (ed36323f6d217050f82a2200475959b8557a47e4)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Masahiro Yamada ed36323f6d kconfig: add blank Kconfig files 6 years ago
  Hans de Goede a03bdaa140 config_distro_bootcmd: Run 'scsi scan' before trying scsi disks 6 years ago
  Masahiro Yamada 535aad29f2 MAINTAINERS: comment out blank M: field 6 years ago
  Masahiro Yamada e5a504eb3d MAINTAINERS: comment out invalid maintainers 6 years ago
  Masahiro Yamada 5dff844d7f tools/genboardscfg.py: pick up also commented maitainers 6 years ago
  Simon Glass 129acd4c75 test: Add a test for command repeat 6 years ago
  Simon Glass 07b342783a test: Remove tabs from trace test 6 years ago
  Simon Glass 8969ea3e9f sandbox: Disable Ctrl-C 6 years ago
  Simon Glass b845052103 Reactivate the tracing feature 6 years ago
  Pavel Machek 214b3f311f cleanup disk/part.c whitespace 6 years ago
  Masahiro Yamada ab7cb4eefa mpc8xx: move common linker scripts into the CPU directory 6 years ago
  Marcel Ziswiler a4277200a2 e1000: fix no nvm build 6 years ago
  Thomas Petazzoni bdc7dc4595 tools/env: change stripping strategy to allow no-stripping 6 years ago
  Steve Rae e5bf9878ea usb/gadget: fastboot: implement sparse format 6 years ago
  Steve Rae 593cbd93f3 usb/gadget: fastboot: minor cleanup 6 years ago
  Steve Rae d1b5ed0753 usb/gadget: fastboot: add support for flash command 6 years ago
  Steve Rae c0aebb3382 usb/gadget: fastboot: add eMMC support for flash command 6 years ago
  Zhiqiang Hou 7172de33b0 powerpc/t104xrdb: Enable SPI flash Extend address support 6 years ago
  Stefan Roese bf9b86dc47 spi: kirkwood_spi.c: cosmetic: Fix minor coding style issues 6 years ago
  Stefan Roese 0299046e5b spi: kirkwood_spi.c: Make global variable static 6 years ago
  Stefan Roese c032174f82 spi: kirkwood_spi.c: Some fixes and cleanup 6 years ago
  Stefan Roese 75f698e51c arm: kirkwood: spi.h: Add some missing parenthesis 6 years ago
  Stefan Roese 31969b8993 sf: Add M25PX64 SPI NOR flash ID 6 years ago
  Nikita Kiryanov 88e34e5ff7 spl: replace CONFIG_SPL_SPI_* with CONFIG_SF_DEFAULT_* 6 years ago
  Nikita Kiryanov 155fa9af95 spi: mxc: fix sf probe when using mxc_spi 6 years ago
  Nikita Kiryanov 01d2aaf61b mtd: spi: add support for M25PE16 and M25PX16 6 years ago
  Tom Rini 47d3debe1a Merge git://git.denx.de/u-boot-dm 6 years ago
  Robert Baldyga cae025aab3 dm: avoid dev->req_seq overflow 6 years ago
  Simon Glass 59990bf0ea dm: serial: Don't require device tree to configure a console 6 years ago
  Simon Glass 91cbd792c4 dm: core: Allow device_bind() to used without CONFIG_OF_CONTROL 6 years ago
  Simon Glass bf1a86fca0 sf: Add an empty entry to the parameter list 6 years ago
  Simon Glass e7b14e9ab0 dm: Fix repeated comment in README 6 years ago
  Tom Rini 692c223518 Merge branch 'misc' of git://git.denx.de/u-boot-x86 6 years ago
  Simon Glass 983a2749e2 patman: Add a -m option to avoid copying the maintainers 6 years ago
  Simon Glass 7798e2285f buildman: Fix the logic for the bloat command 6 years ago
  Jagannadha Sutradharudu Teki 6b1978f8a1 sandbox: Update minor documentation changes 6 years ago
  Albert ARIBAUD 2a8c9c86b9 Merge branch 'u-boot-ti/master' into 'u-boot-arm/master' 6 years ago
  Wu, Josh 015b18c642 ARM: at91sam9rlek: convert to generic board support 6 years ago
  Wu, Josh 09e03e0592 ARM: at91sam9n12ek: convert to generic board support 6 years ago
  Boris BREZILLON d357b94041 mtd: atmel_nand: Disable subpage NAND write when using Atmel PMECC 6 years ago
  Bo Shen 97b2043da6 USB: ehci-atmel: use pcr to enable or disable clock 6 years ago
  Bo Shen 01c8bf5a6f USB: ohci-at91: use pcr to enable or disable clock 6 years ago
  Bo Shen abe307ddb8 ARM: atmel: add pcr related definition 6 years ago
  Bo Shen b24c1a10b5 ARM: atmel: use pcr to enable or disable peripheral clock 6 years ago
  Bo Shen 7b1dc26fae ARM: atmel: sama5d3: add timings register 6 years ago
  Bo Shen d6b7943464 ARM: atmel: sama5d3xek: enable NOR flash support 6 years ago
  Bo Shen a931b13774 ARM: atmel: sama5d3xek: add nor flash init function 6 years ago
  Wu, Josh 14b3b44eda mtd: atmel-nand: use pmecc_readl(b)/pmecc_writel to access the pmecc register 6 years ago
  Guillaume GARDET 3aae66e2a7 am335x_evm: Add boot script support to am335x_evm 6 years ago
  Guillaume GARDET 10226f2992 OMAP4: Use generic 'load' command instead of 'fatload' for 'loadbootscript' and 'loadbootenv' as already done for 'loadimage' and 'loaduimage'. 6 years ago