14 Commits (a2fea67d3eb3092f19f250d53a4a27fa1a0c815f)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  guoyin.chen a2fea67d3e MA-9763 Include init.${ro.hardware}.${ro.boot.soc_type}.rc based uboot's soc_type 4 years ago
  zhang sanshan 2c1196079e MA-9409-3 Add base board support for android and android things. 4 years ago
  zhang sanshan ff92794f05 MA-9409-2 fix some issue for android and android things 4 years ago
  zhang sanshan 1c79796a52 MA-9409-1 enable avb on android things. 4 years ago
  sanshan zhang 893ec78077 MA-9702-2 [Android] Enable booti for android arm64. 4 years ago
  zhang sanshan 61d4dcbd18 MA-9382 [Android]uboot: fix compiler issue and command line issue. 4 years ago
  zhang sanshan 81c9431f56 MA-9375 [Android IMX] uboot: enable BCB and bootctrl 4 years ago
  Sanshan Zhang 4d226b92b3 MA-9263-3 [Android] Partition: enable GPT partition on imx devices 4 years ago
  Ye Li d0d678fd9b MLK-12527-2 android: Add FSL android fastboot support 5 years ago
  Michael Trimarchi 4f1318b29c common: image: minimal android image iminfo support 5 years ago
  Rob Herring 9950098e31 image: fix support for Android boot images with no ramdisk 5 years ago
  Maxime Ripard 87f02d5aee image: android: handle default kernel address 6 years ago
  Ahmad Draidi 86f4695bd0 image: Fix Android boot image support 6 years ago
  Sebastian Siewior 9ace3fc814 image: add support for Android's boot image format 7 years ago