42387 Commits (a2fea67d3eb3092f19f250d53a4a27fa1a0c815f)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  guoyin.chen a2fea67d3e MA-9763 Include init.${ro.hardware}.${ro.boot.soc_type}.rc based uboot's soc_type 4 years ago
  Zhang Bo c250b072a6 MA-9554[Android_6DL_SD]RTC: Sometimes the RTC reset to the initial time 1970 after softare reboot the first time. 40% 3 years ago
  Ye Li 9221684485 MLK-16069 imx6slevk: Workaround to limit the u-boot in low 512MB memory 3 years ago
  zhang sanshan c7aefcba1d MA-9387 [Android] fastboot: fastboot gpt.img for sd card in android 3 years ago
  Fugang Duan 721193c18f MLK-15341 mx6qpsabresd: add PHY AR8031 hw reset 3 years ago
  zhang sanshan d7a3a0d519 MA-9822 Device has to be booted manually to recovery mode to apply the OTA update when booting from NAND 3 years ago
  zhang sanshan 37116ed50d MA-9857 [Android] uboot change CONFIG_NAND_BOOT 3 years ago
  zhang sanshan 259db9dccf MA-9789 [fastboot]System doesn't enter fastboot mode automatically while there is no valid gpt partition 3 years ago
  zhang sanshan 2c1196079e MA-9409-3 Add base board support for android and android things. 4 years ago
  zhang sanshan ff92794f05 MA-9409-2 fix some issue for android and android things 4 years ago
  zhang sanshan 1c79796a52 MA-9409-1 enable avb on android things. 4 years ago
  sanshan zhang 893ec78077 MA-9702-2 [Android] Enable booti for android arm64. 4 years ago
  zhang sanshan e095bd4e26 MA-9382 [Android] uboot: enable BCB&BOOTCTR&LOCK_UNLOCK 4 years ago
  zhang sanshan 61d4dcbd18 MA-9382 [Android]uboot: fix compiler issue and command line issue. 4 years ago
  zhang sanshan 0a69b314b6 MA-9376 [Android IMX] uboot: enable lock&unlock 4 years ago
  zhang sanshan 81c9431f56 MA-9375 [Android IMX] uboot: enable BCB and bootctrl 4 years ago
  Peng Fan 31da76c496 MLK-15127 mx7dsdb: fix epdc en gpio usage 4 years ago
  Ye Li 2885cf75f2 MLK-15108 mx7d_12x12_lpddr3_arm2: Fix PMIC setting issue 4 years ago
  Robby Cai ed4a8ca872 MLK-13723 imx7d: restore epdc QoS setting after exit the lpsr mode 4 years ago
  Ye Li 0ff4f6ea8f MLK-15087 mx7ulp_evk: Add m4 boot defconfig 4 years ago
  Ye Li e7a199123d MLK-15086 arm: Add firmware_image section to objcopy flags 4 years ago
  Ye Li 9ce5ebf3cc MLK-14994 mx7ulp: Update M4 image header version check 4 years ago
  Ye Li db3ece4297 MLK-14533 mx7ulp_evk: Change APLL and its PFD0 frequencies 4 years ago
  Ye Li 0750492425 MLK-15044 DTS: mx6ul/ullevk: Add OTG ID pin mux 4 years ago
  Ye Li b83dba66b9 MLK-14930-2 dwc_ahsata: Fix memory issue in reset_sata 4 years ago
  Ye Li 2bfe86770d MLK-14930-1 cmd: sata: Fix sata init and stop issue 4 years ago
  Ye Li a4461cb2d0 MLK-14958 mx6slevk: Move setup_spi to board_init 4 years ago
  Ye Li 965249c753 MLK-14945 HAB: Check IVT DCD pointer before authenticating image 4 years ago
  Ye Li 950b322fb0 MLK-14915 mx6ul_arm2/mx6ull_arm2: Fix ENET PHY reset issue 4 years ago
  Ye Li 25515dfb16 MLK-14890 i2c: Enable I2C force idle bus 4 years ago
  Ye Li 09f2bc9e53 MLK-14891 mx6slevk/mx6sll_arm2: Fix SPINOR CS GPIO using 4 years ago
  Fugang Duan 530a9418dd MLK-14772 net: fec: set the device->seq id to priv->dev_id 4 years ago
  Ye Li 3635582cf8 MLK-14877 DTB: mx6sllevk: Fix usdhc2 property issue 4 years ago
  Manfred Schlaegl b505caa5b8 ARM: fixed relocation using proper alignment 4 years ago
  Peng Fan 95b2ee328e MLK-14864: regulator: pfuze100: unsigned compared against 0 4 years ago
  Peng Fan 3f8052264b MLK-14862 net: eth-uclass: add return value check 4 years ago
  Peng Fan aad973c1d7 MLK-14840: pinctrl: imx: fix resource leak 4 years ago
  Ye Li 1627055621 MLK-14878 qspi: Fix issue when enabling DDR mode 4 years ago
  Ye Li b4f74042d6 MLK-14808 mx6sxsabresd: Fix wrong configuration name for QSPI boot 4 years ago
  Ye Li 4a9f777e8b MLK-14792 mx6ull: Disable WDOG3 after init 4 years ago
  Ye Li f84b9d512f MLK-14839-2 imx: clean up print info for thermal and reset cause 4 years ago
  Ye Li 0b70df1d0e MLK-14839-1 mx6: Fix wrong CPU frequency 4 years ago
  Ye Li 32d4060f84 MLK-14845 mx6/mx7: Not call usb setup functions used by non-DM driver 4 years ago
  Ye Li 6b0d709df6 MLK-14775 mx7dsabresd: Disable USDHC2 in device tree 4 years ago
  Ye Li 0fe7573cff MLK-14828 env_sata: Fix SATA saveenv issue 4 years ago
  Ye Li ab3e75aca8 MLK-14768 fec: Change CONFIG_ETHPRIME name to align with DM ETH 4 years ago
  Ye Li eacd50f370 MLK-14831 mx6: Fix wrong bmode value used for usb boot 4 years ago
  Ye Li 58e7ec10c0 MLK-14779 mx6qdlsabreauto: Fix usb detect issue 4 years ago
  Fugang Duan 9c9835ebce MLK-14777 imx: mx6ul/mx6ull/mx7d: correct the usage of the macro PFUZE3000_SW1AB_SETP() 4 years ago
  Fugang Duan c60560c34c MLK-14776 imx6sl: add enet phy reset to i.MX6SL EVK board 4 years ago