11613 Commits (6d8962e814c15807dd6ac5757904be2a02d187b8)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Stefan Roese 4adcbdc6be ppc4xx: Enable NOR flash support in sequoia_ramboot target 10 years ago
  Stefan Roese 834a45d7ee ppc4xx/POST: Add board specific UART POST test to lwmon5 10 years ago
  Stefan Roese f472069fb7 ppc4xx: Change tsr/tcr macros to upper case 10 years ago
  Kumar Gala 0ef911934f Fix compile warning in uli526x driver 10 years ago
  Peter Tyser fbe53f59bd 85xx: Use gc-sections to reduce image size 10 years ago
  Peter Tyser 68337fb5f6 86xx: Use gc-sections to reduce image size 10 years ago
  Kumar Gala bd9715e3db 86xx: Create common linker script 10 years ago
  Peter Tyser d333819479 mpc8640: Update the io_sel fields for PCI Express 10 years ago
  Peter Tyser 06412756e7 tqm85xx: Update PCI code 10 years ago
  Peter Tyser 4e339b83e9 sbc8641d: Update PCI code 10 years ago
  Peter Tyser 9a268e4b7c mpc8641hpcn: Update PCI code 10 years ago
  Aaron Sierra 9d64c6bb4a 85xx: Add support for not releasing secondary cores via 'mp_holdoff' 10 years ago
  York Sun 58edbc9caa Disable unused chip-select for DDR controller interleaving 10 years ago
  York Sun 28a966715b Adding fixed sdram setting for cornet_ds board 10 years ago
  York Sun 84bc00300f Enable POST memory test for P2020DS 10 years ago
  York Sun 4672e1ea2d Enable POST memory test for corenet_ds 10 years ago
  York Sun 8790ac0399 Setup POST word for generic mpc85xx 10 years ago
  York Sun ebbe11dd36 Add memory test feature for mpc85xx POST. 10 years ago
  York Sun c02ce6e5a1 Adding more control to physical address mapping 10 years ago
  Timur Tabi 43b08af53e always relocate fdt into an lmb-allocated memory block 11 years ago
  Kumar Gala a1964ea5c2 powerpc/8xxx: Add fdt_fixup_phy_connection helper 10 years ago
  Kumar Gala f8c42495e0 powerpc/fsl: Introduce common enum for PHY types 10 years ago
  Stefano Babic 11c8dd36ed FAT: buffer overflow with FAT12/16 10 years ago
  Wolfgang Denk 70994c79ca common/fdt_support.c: Fix compile warnings 10 years ago
  Wolfgang Denk 3ed16071b0 USB: sync Queue Element Transfer Descriptor against EHCI spec 10 years ago
  Stefano Babic d078b7c2ec MX31: Removed warnings for iomux function 10 years ago
  Wolfgang Denk b18815752f Merge branch 'master' of git://git.denx.de/u-boot-arm 10 years ago
  Eric Cooper 2ea88b063e Makefile: rename TEXT_BASE to CONFIG_SYS_TEXT_BASE 10 years ago
  Richard Retanubun 683e9f1ea5 board_init_r: Removed unused cmdtp variable 10 years ago
  Stefan Roese ae8082c7e0 Add UBI README 10 years ago
  Stefano Babic a790b5b232 cmd_fpga: cleanup help and check parameters 10 years ago
  Stefano Babic c56ded6a6e FPGA: Add missing prototype 10 years ago
  Mike Frysinger 5e7efccdd3 boards.cfg: update local documentation 10 years ago
  Jens Scharsig cebcf7da21 update board EB+CPUx9K2 10 years ago
  Kristoffer Ericson 80bf2bb501 Add support for HP Jornada flashrom boards 10 years ago
  Mike Frysinger f3a14d377e Makefile: allow boards to check file size limits 10 years ago
  John Rigby e9319f111d drivers/net/fec_mxc.c: write mac address in init 10 years ago
  Marek Vasut 7c957c0e74 Build: PXA: Fix TrizepsIV build variants 10 years ago
  Marek Vasut f97e9c65b3 Build: PXA: Fix Vpac270 build variants 10 years ago
  Marek Vasut 451a0c39ae PXA: Fix vpac270 OneNAND booter 10 years ago
  Marek Vasut 20ae5193e3 PXA: Fix Balloon3 for Reloc 10 years ago
  Marek Vasut 24e84c3dcb PXA: Fix ZipitZ2 for Reloc 10 years ago
  Marek Vasut 720a650caa PXA: Fix vpac270 for Reloc 10 years ago
  Marek Vasut 2cad92fd67 PXA: Fix reloc, Push lowlevel init into C code 10 years ago
  Marek Vasut 6ef6eb91cd PXA: Add necessary information for RELOC 10 years ago
  Mikhail Kshevetskiy 80124df14f PXA: fix MDREFR[APD] bit setting 10 years ago
  Mikhail Kshevetskiy 11934fbf52 PXA: fix environment sector size, kernel and environment location for vpac270 10 years ago
  Mikhail Kshevetskiy b2b67baca3 PXA: cleanup vpac270 config and set CONFIG_SYS_HZ to 1000 10 years ago
  Mikhail Kshevetskiy 5aa576220c PXA: remove unused u-boot.lds from board/vpac270 10 years ago
  Marek Vasut c6d64c7cb1 PXA: Add missing MAINTAINERS entries 10 years ago