376 Commits (6ad81731fb2d4ca6d89c5fee3ac95f16fe28acf1)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Jose Miguel Sanchez Sanabria 6ad81731fb IGEP0046: SPL and UBOOT Test 2 years ago
  Peng Fan b6c8ca12e2 imx: mx7ulp: Add mx7ulp to Kconfig 4 years ago
  Nitin Garg 071808ed76 MLK-10524: iMX6x: Implement workaround for Cortex-A9 errata 845369 6 years ago
  Tom Rini 8dda2e2f9e ARM: Migrate errata to Kconfig 4 years ago
  Tom Rini 0f12f10117 omap4: Migrate to using imply 4 years ago
  Tom Rini 7551dcf980 omap3: Migrate to using imply 4 years ago
  Tom Rini 9d4f7a311f TI: Migrate board/ti/common/Kconfig to imply 4 years ago
  Dalon Westergreen 949123e30a SPL: Move SYS_MMCSD_RAW_MODE_U_BOOT_PARTITION to Kconfig 4 years ago
  Marcin Niestroj ab38bf6a39 board/chiliboard: Add support for chiliBoard 4 years ago
  maxims@google.com 4697abea62 aspeed: Add drivers common to all Aspeed SoCs 4 years ago
  Marcin Niestroj d4b1b52737 ARM: imx6ul: Move liteSOM source to SoC directory 4 years ago
  Simon Glass 4585601ae2 Convert CONFIG_ARCH_MISC_INIT to Kconfig 4 years ago
  Simon Glass a5d67547dd Convert CONFIG_BOARD_EARLY_INIT_F to Kconfig 4 years ago
  Simon Glass a421192fb8 Convert CONFIG_ARCH_EARLY_INIT_R to Kconfig 4 years ago
  Tom Rini e5ec48152a Kconfig: Migrate BOARD_LATE_INIT to a select 4 years ago
  Tom Rini f428268adb imx31_phycore: Split the eet variant out into a different TARGET 4 years ago
  Masahiro Yamada 561ca649a8 ARM: uniphier: make SPL optional for ARVv8 SoCs 4 years ago
  Tom Rini 40d5534cff ARM: Default to using optimized memset and memcpy routines 4 years ago
  Hou Zhiqiang dccef2ec01 ls1046ardb: Add support power initialization 4 years ago
  York Sun c01e4a1a6f mmc: move CONFIG_SYS_FSL_ERRATUM_ESDHC* to Kconfig 4 years ago
  York Sun d26e34c4c4 fsl_ddr: Move DDR config options to driver Kconfig 4 years ago
  York Sun 90b80386ff crypto: Move CONFIG_SYS_FSL_SEC_LE and _BE to Kconfig 4 years ago
  York Sun 2c2e2c9e14 crypto: Move SYS_FSL_SEC_COMPAT into driver Kconfig 4 years ago
  Masahiro Yamada 085be482f6 ARM: revive CONFIG_USE_ARCH_MEMCPY/MEMSET for UniPhier and Tegra 4 years ago
  Fabio Estevam be72591bcd Kconfig: Move USE_ARCH_MEMCPY/MEMSET to Kconfig 4 years ago
  Marcin Niestroj 727feafebb ARM: imx6ul: Add support for liteSOM 4 years ago
  Masahiro Yamada 6c498835af ARM: uniphier: remove BLK select 4 years ago
  Marek Vasut beee6a3083 ARM: socfpga: Add boot0 hook to prevent SPL corruption 4 years ago
  Simon Glass 08848e9c31 arm: samsung: Convert s5p_goni and smdkc100 to DM_I2C 4 years ago
  Simon Glass fc47cf9d05 arm: exynos: i2c: Convert exynos boards to use DM_I2C 4 years ago
  Simon Glass 950c3f700c arm: Remove VCMA9 board 4 years ago
  Simon Glass fd9080ea50 arm: Remove smdk2410 board 4 years ago
  Sebastien Bourdelin d9e268ed76 ARM: ts4600: add basic board support 4 years ago
  Fabian Vogt 7670909638 ARM: bcm283x: use OF_CONTROL for bcm283x 4 years ago
  Yann E. MORIN 2997ee5054 arm: sunxi: do not force USB for arch-sunxi 4 years ago
  Alison Wang ec6617c397 armv8: Support loading 32-bit OS in AArch32 execution state 4 years ago
  Tom Rini 983e37007d arm: Introduce arch/arm/mach-omap2 for OMAP2 derivative platforms 4 years ago
  Tom Rini 272686eb75 arm: Introduce ARCH_OMAP2 4 years ago
  Feng Li 20c700f8da armv7: Add support of ls1021a-iot board 4 years ago
  Masahiro Yamada 4fb96c48c1 reset: uniphier: add reset controller driver for UniPhier SoCs 4 years ago
  York Sun fb2bf8c2c6 arm: Move FSL_LSCH2 FSL_LSCH3 to Kconfig 4 years ago
  Hongbo Zhang adee1d4c9e ARMv7: LS102xA: Move two macros from header files to Kconfig 4 years ago
  Albert ARIBAUD \(3ADEV\) 27192d16eb pcm052: add new BK4r1 target based on PCM052 SoM 4 years ago
  Andrew F. Davis b39a9ade5c Kconfig: Separate AM33XX SOC config from target board config 4 years ago
  Kever Yang 8d29e3a4c4 Kconfig: rockchip: enable DM_PWM and DM_REGULATOR 4 years ago
  Stefan Roese 21b29fc64e arm64: mvebu: Add basic support for the Marvell Armada 7K/8K SoC 4 years ago
  Stefan Roese f61aefc150 arm64: mvebu: Add support for the Marvell Armada 3700 SoC 5 years ago
  York Sun 5e8bd7e117 armv7: ls1021a: Convert CONFIG_LS1_DEEP_SLEEP to Kconfig option 4 years ago
  York Sun 0a37cf8f27 Convert CONFIG_SYS_FSL_ERRATUM_A010315 to Kconfig option 4 years ago
  York Sun 9533acf36c armv8: ls1012a: Convert CONFIG_LS1012A to Kconfig option ARCH_LS1021A 4 years ago