2 Commits (4a829111722e5d5e435fcbedb85b33f19cf083cc)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Aitor Carrizosa 4a82911172 IGEP0046: Add led and HWtest support 9 months ago
  Manel Caro c865b0e186 IGEP0146: Added led and eeprom support 1 year ago
  Uri Mashiach 2d8d190c83 status_led: Kconfig migration 4 years ago
  Simon Glass b3f4ca1135 dm: omap3: Move to driver model for GPIO and serial 6 years ago
  Wolfgang Denk 1a4596601f Add GPL-2.0+ SPDX-License-Identifier to source files 7 years ago
  Jason Kridner 2d3be7c456 led: remove camel casing of led identifiers globally 9 years ago
  Sanjeev Premi 84c3b63129 omap: gpio: Adapt board files to use generic API 9 years ago
  Joel A Fernandes b8bc8973a1 led: Remove state-saving of led for toggle functionality and add toggle option to led command 9 years ago
  Jason Kridner f87824efdd BeagleBoard: fix LED 0/1 in driver 10 years ago
  Wolfgang Denk cd6881b519 Minor coding style cleanup. 10 years ago
  Jason Kridner 70d8c9446f BeagleBoard: Added LED driver 10 years ago