21 Commits (35c792754c0feb894781e1eee6ab6b6624beb309)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Masahiro Yamada 35c792754c fs: convert makefiles to Kbuild style 7 years ago
  Scott Wood 06503f16c3 mtd: fix warnings due to 64-bit partition support 7 years ago
  Wolfgang Denk 1a4596601f Add GPL-2.0+ SPDX-License-Identifier to source files 7 years ago
  Holger Brunck 457dd025a2 cramfs: fix bug for wrong filename comparison 7 years ago
  Mike Frysinger e3ed0575a7 gunzip: rename z{alloc, free} to gz{alloc, free} 9 years ago
  Heiko Schocher 62a813bcac cramfs: make cramfs usable without a NOR flash 10 years ago
  Sebastien Carlier 6d8962e814 Switch from archive libraries to partial linking 10 years ago
  Jean-Christophe PLAGNIOL-VILLARD a31e091ad7 rename include/zlib.h to include/u-boot/zlib.h 12 years ago
  Jean-Christophe PLAGNIOL-VILLARD 08ab4e1780 fs: Move conditional compilation to Makefile 12 years ago
  Jean-Christophe PLAGNIOL-VILLARD 0210cff3d0 cramfs: Fix ifdef 13 years ago
  Marian Balakowicz 321359f208 [new uImage] Move gunzip() common code to common/gunzip.c 13 years ago
  Harald Welte f540c42d95 Fix building with CRAMFS but not JFFS2 support 13 years ago
  Jon Loeliger dd60d1223b fs/: Remove obsolete references to CONFIG_COMMANDS 13 years ago
  Jon Loeliger 4e109ae982 fs/: Augment CONFIG_COMMANDS tests with defined(CONFIG_CMD_*). 14 years ago
  Wolfgang Denk 2b208f5308 Move "ar" flags to config.mk to allow for silent "make -s" 14 years ago
  Marian Balakowicz f93286397e Add support for a saving build objects in a separate directory. 14 years ago
  Marian Balakowicz e6f2e90233 Added support for TQM834x boards. 15 years ago
  Wolfgang Denk 700a0c648d Add common (with Linux) MTD partition scheme and "mtdparts" command 15 years ago
  wdenk 180d3f74e4 * Fix problems caused by Robert Schwebel's cramfs patch 17 years ago
  wdenk dd875c767e * Patch by Robert Schwebel, 15 Dec 2003: 17 years ago