10347 Commits (isee_imx_v2017.03_4.9.11_1.0.0_ga_TEST)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Ye Li a99815b57d MLK-14627 android: Fix cache unaligned warning 4 years ago
  Ye Li 66978bee57 MLK-14621 fsl_qspi: Set endianness for i.MX platforms 4 years ago
  Ye Li 733a7fde6f MLK-14608 fsl_esdhc: Fix wp_enable issue 4 years ago
  Ye Li ce4339b757 MLK-14605 mx7ulp: Modify the lpi2c seq number 4 years ago
  Sanshan Zhang 4d226b92b3 MA-9263-3 [Android] Partition: enable GPT partition on imx devices 4 years ago
  Ye Li d0d678fd9b MLK-12527-2 android: Add FSL android fastboot support 5 years ago
  Ye Li e84160eaf5 MLK-12527-1 mxc_keyb: Add MXC keyboard driver 5 years ago
  Ye Li 7595df6453 MLK-14484-1 mtd/spi: Add MT35XU512ABA NOR flash support 4 years ago
  Ye Li 7ef1d78154 MLK-13929-3 video: Update LCDIF driver to support MIPI-DSI 4 years ago
  Ye Li d65bbb0585 MLK-13929-2 video: Add mipi panel driver for hx8363 4 years ago
  Ye Li 1e984bba8c MLK-13929-1 video: Add MIPI DSI host controller driver for i.MX7ULP 4 years ago
  Ye Li 8382781a59 MLK-14445-5 ehci-mx6: Add OTG ID detecting by GPIO 4 years ago
  Ye Li b523a4b1f3 MLK-14474-2 pinctrl: imx7ulp: Add new info instance for iomuxc1 4 years ago
  Ye Li d2ae50010c MLK-14474-1 pinctrl-imx: Fix wrong mask when SHARE_MUX_CONF_REG is set 4 years ago
  Ye Li aef40dc916 MLK-13776 ocotp: Add fuse word checking before programming it on i.MX7ULP 4 years ago
  Ye Li 0d6bee19bb MLK-13450-17 sf: Add Macronix MX25R6435F SPI NOR flash to flash parameters array 4 years ago
  Ye Li 5a69ddb7e9 MLK-13450-16 fsl_qspi: Update changes for mx7ulp 4 years ago
  Ye Li cafc860907 MLK-13450-15 ehci-mx6: Add powerup_fixup implementation 4 years ago
  Ye Li 53cfed1f96 MLK-13450-14 ehci-mx6: Update EHCI driver to support OTG0 on i.MX7ULP 4 years ago
  Peng Fan 094aa8ced4 mmc: fsl_esdhc: support i.MX7ULP 4 years ago
  Peng Fan 0921d1c3d6 serial: lpuart: add i.MX7ULP support 4 years ago
  Peng Fan 1cbf9f3576 serial: lpuart: restructure lpuart driver 4 years ago
  Peng Fan 451cd4a589 i2c: lpi2c: add lpi2c driver for i.MX7ULP 4 years ago
  Peng Fan 172680870d pinctrl: Add i.MX7ULP pinctrl driver 4 years ago
  Ye Li 9953709d66 wdog: Add the watchdog driver for MX7ULP. 4 years ago
  Peng Fan 9988956a0b mxc_ocotp: Update driver to support OCOTP controller on i.MX7ULP 4 years ago
  Peng Fan 8a6a9f74a2 gpio: Add Rapid GPIO2P driver for i.MX7ULP 4 years ago
  Ye Li ff00dc2452 MLK-13602-2 epdc: Add disable fuse checking 4 years ago
  Ye Li 7901123eb0 MLK-14371 fsl_qspi: update the driver to support mx6ul and mx7d 4 years ago
  Andy Duan b524c433d3 MLK-13782 net: fec_mxc: specify the registered eth index by dev_id 4 years ago
  Andy Duan 34e343d7eb MLK-13777 net: fec_mxc: avoid transfer dev_id -1 to get mac address from fuse 4 years ago
  Peng Fan c7b6cc6a3d MLK-12766 net: fec: do not access reserved register for i.MX6ULL 5 years ago
  Ye Li 2d3b5df853 MLK-12483-4 mx6: Modify drivers to disable fused modules 5 years ago
  Ye Li 586f200464 ENGR00325255 pcie:enable pcie support on imx6sx sd 5 years ago
  Ye Li a46e14a18e MLK-12452-1 FEC: Update fec driver to support two MDIO 5 years ago
  Ye.Li a8e94954d8 ENGR00315894-81 gis: Add gis module 7 years ago
  Ye.Li b24cce0ad3 ENGR00315894-80 pxp: Add pxp module 7 years ago
  Ye.Li bc0639ed8f ENGR00315894-79 csi: Add csi module 7 years ago
  Ye.Li 808d447235 ENGR00315894-78 vadc: Add vadc module 7 years ago
  Ye.Li d5113c13b3 MLK-10655 Video: Fix second line string display issue 6 years ago
  Ye.Li 9ae77e208d MLK-10542 video: Support multiple lines version string display 6 years ago
  Ye.Li 9632ebeccc ENGR00315894-70 iMX6SX:Video Update MXS LCDIF driver 7 years ago
  Peng Fan 79a86adf22 MLK-12425-2: video: epdc: introduce epdc support 5 years ago
  Ye.Li 9345c99eb5 MLK-11952 Video: IPU: Fix dereferencing NULL pointer problem 5 years ago
  Liu Ying 036b71e1cd MLK-10747-2 video: ipu: Enable/disable LDB_DI clock when necessary 6 years ago
  Liu Ying a59c901317 MLK-10747-1 video: ipu: Build ldb_di clock relevant code only for MX6 and MX53 6 years ago
  Peng Fan e9bee52df5 MLK-10774-2 HDMI: splash screen function enhancement 6 years ago
  Ye Li 712cbc4f23 MLK-12865 Nand: Fix BCH debug1 register access issue 5 years ago
  Peng Fan 37d7f9614a MLK-12693-2 nand: mxs: correct bitflip for erased NAND page 5 years ago
  Peng Fan 026751697e MLK-12693-1 nand: mxs: fix the bitflips for erased page when uncorrectable error 5 years ago