10347 Commits (isee_imx_v2017.03_4.9.11_1.0.0_ga_TEST)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Simon Glass 7868917032 Revert "dm: pci: Allow scan bridge child devices before relocation" 5 years ago
  Peng Fan 1c1f6076b9 Add missing part of: "power: pmic: pfuze100 support driver model" 5 years ago
  Simon Glass 76c3fbcd3d dm: pci: Add a way to iterate through all PCI devices 5 years ago
  Simon Glass 66afb4ed92 dm: pci: Provide friendly config access functions 5 years ago
  Hans de Goede c1cfd51907 sunxi: Display: Add support for eDP panels connected via an anx9804 bridge 5 years ago
  Hans de Goede 66525bb732 video: Add support for the ANX9804 parallel lcd to dp bridge chip 5 years ago
  Hans de Goede fb685d3310 sun6i: display: Add support for using the mipi pll as lcd clock source 5 years ago
  Hans de Goede fbf10ae986 sunxi: gpio: Add support for the gpio banks which are part of the R-io cluster 5 years ago
  Hans de Goede d8d079966f sunxi: display: Fix composite video out on sun5i 5 years ago
  Hans de Goede 58332f89b6 sunxi: display: Add overscan correction 5 years ago
  Hans de Goede c67a8767f5 cfbconsole: Add support for stride != width 5 years ago
  Hans de Goede c4c9e81f45 cfbconsole: Remove width argument from the logo functions 5 years ago
  Marcel Ziswiler 6eeedc196d tegra: nand: disable subpage writes 5 years ago
  Marcel Ziswiler adf4800d85 mtd/nand/tegra: alignment workaround 5 years ago
  Marcel Ziswiler 1bc66a57c0 tegra: nand: fix read_byte required for proper onfi detection 5 years ago
  Sylvain Lemieux 68a776687e net: lpc32xx: eth buffers base config 5 years ago
  Yoshinori Sato 6f67b69b15 mmc_spi: Big-endian support 6 years ago
  Simon Glass 760177dff4 dw_mmc: Calculate dwmmc FIFO threshold size if not provided 5 years ago
  Tom Rini 57cd681b68 dra7xx: Add dra72_evm_defconfig using CONFIG_DM 5 years ago
  Tom Rini 0a9e34056f gpio: omap: Drop 'method' parameter 5 years ago
  Nikita Kiryanov 9fbdca6056 mmc: omap_hsmmc: enable 8bit interface for eMMC for AM43xx 5 years ago
  Nikita Kiryanov dce55b934d mmc: omap_hsmmc: enable proper CMD(DAT) lines reset procedure for am43xx 5 years ago
  Nikita Kiryanov 2ff97625cb spi: omap3_spi: add am43xx support to omap3_spi 5 years ago
  Peter Griffin 447da58b57 mmc: hi6220_dw_mmc: Add hi6220 glue code for dw_mmc controller. 5 years ago
  Peter Griffin 242b2f0c7a pmic: pmic_hi6553: Add a driver for the hi6553 pmic found on hikey board. 5 years ago
  Peter Griffin 152f489841 dm: gpio: hi6220: Add a hi6220 GPIO driver model driver. 5 years ago
  Wu, Josh e0266f4942 usb: ohci: enable cache support 5 years ago
  Ruchika Gupta 057c220055 Correct License and Copyright information on few files 5 years ago
  Masahiro Yamada 0b11dbf705 drivers: hierarchize drivers Kconfig menu 5 years ago
  Alexander Stein db402e005a dwc2: Add dcache support 5 years ago
  Alexander Stein 927753aeb9 ARM: bcm283x: Allocate all mailbox buffers cacheline aligned 5 years ago
  Paul Kocialkowski a4c8bbbc28 input: twl4030: Keypad scan and input 5 years ago
  Paul Kocialkowski 7d5ac91832 input: TWL4030 input support for power button, USB and charger 5 years ago
  Paul Kocialkowski 6dc443e6d7 power: twl4030: Power off support 5 years ago
  Vladimir Zapolskiy dcfd37e5ef nand: lpc32xx: add SLC NAND controller support 5 years ago
  Vladimir Zapolskiy 8d1809a966 spl: nand: simple: replace readb() with chip specific read_buf() 5 years ago
  Heiko Schocher c10ac540ea nand, atmel: remove udelay in spl_nand_erase_one() 5 years ago
  Stefan Roese faa765d407 net: e1000: Increase autoneg timeout to 8 seconds 5 years ago
  Simon Glass e6b606d657 dm: pmic: max77686: Correct two typos in a comment 5 years ago
  Peng Fan 8640522d2d power: regulator: max77686 correct variable type 5 years ago
  Peng Fan 8fa46350a4 power: regulator: add pfuze100 support 5 years ago
  Peng Fan 3e91a6d0d6 power: pmic: pfuze100 support driver model 5 years ago
  Peng Fan cf2600111d power: regulator use node name when no regulator-name 5 years ago
  Simon Glass 1c87ffe8d1 mmc: dw_mmc: Avoid using printf() for errors 5 years ago
  Jiandong Zheng 1b564cecc3 net: phy: broadcom: Add BCM Cygnus PHY 5 years ago
  Jörg Krause 59370f3fcd net: phy: delay only if reset handler is registered 5 years ago
  Jörg Krause 2c171a2a5f net: phy: fix data type of phy_id 5 years ago
  Daniel Inderbitzin 466f775e02 qoriq eth.c bugfix: handle received corrupted frames correctly 5 years ago
  Vladimir Zapolskiy 1a791892dc net: lpc32xx: add RMII phy mode support 5 years ago
  Vladimir Zapolskiy 23f5db0e26 net: lpc32xx: improve MAC configuration on reset and initialization 5 years ago