47 Commits (imx_v2017.03_4.9.11_1.0.0_ga)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Simon Glass 2789ddb9d5 dm: Add an option to enable the of-platdata feature 4 years ago
  Michal Simek c409bd015c spl: Setup default value for OF_LIST 5 years ago
  Simon Glass cdf172461c spl: Add a way to specify a list of device trees to include 5 years ago
  Simon Glass 70d41093c5 fdt: Adjust DEFAULT_DEVICE_TREE to device on OF_CONTROL 5 years ago
  Masahiro Yamada 5f3f7b79db dts: keep clock-names and clocks in SPL DTB if SPL_CLK is enabled 5 years ago
  Masahiro Yamada be6b2b3170 Revert "devicetree: use wildcard to clean arch subdir" 5 years ago
  Thomas Chou 67871a5958 devicetree: use wildcard to clean arch subdir 5 years ago
  Daniel Schwierzeck 0fc13a9093 MIPS: add initial infrastructure for device-tree files 5 years ago
  Simon Glass 3d3f60cb7a dts: Add a comment about CONFIG_OF_EMBED being for local use 5 years ago
  Masahiro Yamada 6aa8179f81 dts: do not cut down pinctrl-0 and pinctrl-names for SPL full-pinctrl 5 years ago
  Masahiro Yamada 897705ec39 dts: fix dependency of OF_SPL_REMOVE_PROPS 5 years ago
  Masahiro Yamada dffb86e468 of: flip CONFIG_SPL_DISABLE_OF_CONTROL into CONFIG_SPL_OF_CONTROL 5 years ago
  Simon Glass fa78e0a371 dm: Reduce SPL device tree size 5 years ago
  Simon Glass 2860f03b91 fdt: Add an option to disable device tree in SPL 6 years ago
  Masahiro Yamada d648964fc2 kconfig: remove unneeded dependency on !SPL_BUILD 6 years ago
  Robert P. J. Day 5699ea6d0e Correct two non-functional misspellings "overrided". 6 years ago
  Masahiro Yamada f1ef2b6233 kconfig: move CONFIG_DEFAULT_DEVICE_TREE to kconfig 6 years ago
  Masahiro Yamada 783e6a72b8 kconfig: move CONFIG_OF_* to Kconfig 6 years ago
  Simon Glass d18926af30 fdt: Rename the DEV_TREE_BIN Makefile flag to to EXT_DTB 6 years ago
  Simon Glass 63b4b5bae5 fdt: Add DEV_TREE_BIN option to specify a device tree binary file 6 years ago
  Masahiro Yamada b9d1dbd4df kbuild: use cmd_shipped instead of cmd_copy 6 years ago
  Masahiro Yamada 6bd04bb487 kbuild: fix bugs in cleaning targets 7 years ago
  Masahiro Yamada 3284c8b8ca dts: generate multiple device tree blobs 7 years ago
  Masahiro Yamada 5ab502cb89 dts: move device tree sources to arch/$(ARCH)/dts/ 7 years ago
  Masahiro Yamada 6ab6b2afa0 dts: re-write dts/Makefile more simply with Kbuild 7 years ago
  Masahiro Yamada efcf861931 kbuild: use scripts/Makefile.clean 7 years ago
  Masahiro Yamada 6825a95b0b kbuild: use Linux Kernel build scripts 7 years ago
  Masahiro Yamada 9e4140329e kbuild: change out-of-tree build 7 years ago
  Masahiro Yamada a8c075414a Makefile: use two double-quotations as a pair 7 years ago
  Masahiro Yamada bcfe8fdf32 dts, api, test: convert makefiles to Kbuild style 7 years ago
  Stephen Warren f53932addd dts/Makefile: pass -undef -D__DTS__ to cpp 7 years ago
  Stephen Warren 32ac4bd9ca dts/Makefile: don't use cpp -P 7 years ago
  Stephen Warren 8ad723acd7 dts/Makefile: don't define ARCH_CPU_DTS, BOARD_DTS 7 years ago
  Stephen Warren c8391a0e92 dts/Makefile: unify cpp/dtc include paths 7 years ago
  Stephen Warren cc4f427bbd dts/Makefile: simplify dtc invocation 7 years ago
  Wolfgang Denk 1a4596601f Add GPL-2.0+ SPDX-License-Identifier to source files 7 years ago
  Jagannadha Sutradharudu Teki 74de8c9a16 dts/Makefile: Build the user specified dts 8 years ago
  Tom Warren 6c5be646b4 Tegra: fdt: Change /include/ to #include for C preprocessor 8 years ago
  Allen Martin 6487d88aaa fdt: fix dts preprocessor options 8 years ago
  Allen Martin 7cb70a34b9 fdt: fix dts preprocessor options 8 years ago
  Horst Kronstorfer b4f106be2d dts/Makefile: Turn off some predefined macros 8 years ago
  Horst Kronstorfer a4ff471970 dts/Makefile: Check for empty $(LDSCRIPT) 8 years ago
  Stephan Linz a1d2478e2d fdt: Add board specific dts inclusion 8 years ago
  Stephen Warren 58e22f8a15 fdt: send all dtc output to stderr 8 years ago
  Wolfgang Denk 896bbb5316 fdt: avoid bad MAKEALL status 9 years ago
  Wolfgang Denk 82f45866ee fdt: fix out of tree builds with DT support 9 years ago
  Simon Glass bbb0b128c3 fdt: Add support for embedded device tree (CONFIG_OF_EMBED) 9 years ago