1658 Commits (imx_v2017.03_4.9.11_1.0.0_ga)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Masahiro Yamada cf3175bcd8 ARM: uniphier: update README.uniphier for latest build instruction 4 years ago
  Eddie Cai 6f27976455 rockchip: rename miniarm to tinker board 4 years ago
  Simon Glass e160f7d430 dm: core: Replace of_offset with accessor 4 years ago
  Mario Six a1b6b0a9c1 arm: mvebu: Implement secure boot 4 years ago
  Masahiro Yamada 54925327fa mmc: move CONFIG_GENERIC_MMC to Kconfig 4 years ago
  Michael Kurz b1a8de7e07 ARM: DTS: stm32: add stm32f746-disco device tree files 4 years ago
  Fabio Estevam 7a037cc91f README: mxc_hab: Adapt the CONFIG_SECURE_BOOT text to Kconfig 4 years ago
  Masahiro Yamada 2c2ab3d495 ARM: uniphier: add PXs3 SoC support 4 years ago
  Uri Mashiach 79267edd10 status_led: Kconfig migration - introduction 4 years ago
  George McCollister f1ca1fdebf mkimage: Add support for signing with pkcs11 4 years ago
  tomas.melin@vaisala.com db1b79b886 splash: add support for loading splash from a FIT image 4 years ago
  Sjoerd Simons 35a05761a1 rockchip: Drop Ethernet from the TODO 4 years ago
  Masahiro Yamada ae4c81e942 mmc: move DesignWare-based drivers to Kconfig 4 years ago
  Masahiro Yamada 55ed3b4698 mmc: move CONFIG_DWMMC to Kconfig, renaming to CONFIG_MMC_DW 4 years ago
  Masahiro Yamada b1b1add38c ARM: socfpga: remove unused CONFIG option and cleanup README.socfpga 4 years ago
  Robert P. J. Day 66723eda4e doc/README.cfi: Update code snippet, and add example. 4 years ago
  Sven Ebenfeld 1f6a664802 Makefile: preserve output for images that can contain HAB Blocks 4 years ago
  Sven Ebenfeld 3de6c7fc00 doc: imx6: add section for secure boot with SPL 4 years ago
  Jaehoon Chung 6e1cfb099a MAINTAINERS, git-mailrc: update the Power maintainer 4 years ago
  Vignesh R bd2e9714c8 regulator: fixed: Add support to handle enable-active-high DT property 4 years ago
  Konstantin Porotchkin 0d92f2141a arm64: mvebu: Fix A8K memory mapping and add documentation 4 years ago
  Konstantin Porotchkin f99386c5b1 arm64: mvebu: Add pin control nodes to A8K family DTS files 4 years ago
  Konstantin Porotchkin 656e6cc86b arm64: mvebu: pinctrl: Add pin control driver for A8K family 4 years ago
  Konstantin Porotchkin fa61ef6b49 arm64: mvebu: Add bubt command for flash image burn 4 years ago
  Dinh Nguyen 6fa0d34572 MAINTAINERS: socfpga: update email address for Dinh Nguyen 4 years ago
  Simon Glass 6ccb410124 dm: Add timeline and guide for porting I2C drivers 4 years ago
  Simon Glass ebb2c53585 serial: Drop the s3c24x0 serial driver 4 years ago
  Simon Glass 8ff89f8db8 serial: Update docs to indicate mcfuart supports DM_SERIAL 4 years ago
  Andrew F. Davis d7be50921e image: Add FIT image loadable section custom processing 4 years ago
  York Sun 830fc1bfe7 powerpc: mpc85xx: Convert CONFIG_SYS_CCSRBAR_DEFAULT to Kconfig option 4 years ago
  Fabian Vogt 165316e38f serial: pl01x: expose skip_init platdata option in DT 4 years ago
  Fabian Vogt 9f755f5d09 serial: bcm283x_mu: add device tree support 4 years ago
  Fabian Vogt 4faf5f93c6 gpio: bcm2835: add device tree support 4 years ago
  York Sun 789460c914 powerpc: P2010: Drop configuration for P2010 4 years ago
  York Sun 46d9fc0bb7 powerpc: P1014: Drop configuration for P1014 4 years ago
  York Sun 2f8b81268a powerpc: P1013: Drop configuration for P1013 4 years ago
  York Sun 83b9bea116 powerpc: P1012: Drop configuration for P1012 4 years ago
  York Sun 87499e938d powerpc: MPC8560ADS: Remove macro CONFIG_MPC8560ADS 4 years ago
  York Sun 1ac8e0709e powerpc: MPC8540ADS: Remove macro CONFIG_MPC8540ADS 4 years ago
  York Sun 7f825218dc powerpc: mpc8540: Remove macro CONFIG_MPC8540 4 years ago
  Jagan Teki 543bd27353 MAINTAINERS: SUNXI: Update maintainership 4 years ago
  Jagan Teki 6645fd2c18 sf: Rename sf_params.c to spi_flash_ids.c 4 years ago
  Simon Glass 58ad86288f x86: Enable EFI loader support 4 years ago
  Simon Glass c7ae3dfdcc efi: Add support for a hello world test program 4 years ago
  Stephen Warren afb970f78a dt: net: add DWC EQoS binding 4 years ago
  Tomeu Vizoso 0f7c6cdc81 mkimage: Allow including a ramdisk in FIT auto mode 4 years ago
  Andre Przywara 8add67911d doc: update README.arm64 4 years ago
  Jacob Chen 3f3e1e3395 rockchip: doc: add GPT partition layout 4 years ago
  Jagan Teki 16185a85d9 MAINTAINERS: Update Jagan's email 4 years ago
  Masahiro Yamada 12a5ce7273 ARM: uniphier: update doc/README.uniphier 4 years ago