36389 Commits (imx_v2016.03_4.1.15_2.0.0_ga)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Robin Gong c8c60f578d MLK-12371-2: imx: mx7dsabresd: fix POR reset failed after DDR enter retention 5 years ago
  Ye Li 128596198a MLK-12562 mx6: HAB: Add support for i.MX6SOLO 5 years ago
  Ye.Li 4f4ecdbf6f ENGR00315894-55 iMX6SX: add debug monitor support 7 years ago
  Peng Fan 3d25e2acd4 MLK-10674-2 imx: mx6qp settings for PRE 6 years ago
  Nitin Garg 7df52f9518 MLK-10496: Check the PL310 version for applying errata 6 years ago
  Peng Fan 708898fe54 MLK-10176-6 imx: mx7: Modify GPT timer driver for mx7 6 years ago
  Fugang Duan c5a44a2a0b ENGR00328312 i2c: imx: Optimize the i2c device recovery solution 6 years ago
  Ye Li dbe744de73 MLK-12560 mx6: Enable eMMC boot support for all mx6 5 years ago
  Ye Li 75b5a7d593 MLK-12559 mx6: Enable memory test command 5 years ago
  Ye Li 9694597f67 MLK-12558 mx6qarm2: Modify the ENV_OFFSET to 512KB on SD/MMC 5 years ago
  Nitin Garg 850f27d137 MLK-10576 ARM: i.MX6: exclude the ARM errata from i.MX6 UP system 6 years ago
  Nitin Garg f20a658475 MLK-10524: iMX6x: Implement workaround for Cortex-A9 errata 845369 6 years ago
  Ye Li 1c27c9ecf8 MLK-12557 mx6ul: Enable syscounter as default timer 5 years ago
  Ye Li 419fad166e MLK-12555-3 mx7dsabresd: Remove the SRS setting for wdog 5 years ago
  Ye Li 8a713e8cd1 MLK-12555-2 mx6ulevk: Enable the Watchdog WDOG_B signal output 5 years ago
  Ye Li 7b53ee014c MLK-12555 mx6sxsabreauto: Enable the Watchdog WDOG_B signal output 5 years ago
  Ye Li 5e48e6dbac MLK-12553 mx6sabresd: Add RGMII support 5 years ago
  Ye.Li b315d6b36a MLK-11230 imx6: USB: Modify OTG ID pin pad setting to pull up 6 years ago
  Ye Li 81fd302501 ENGR00325255 pcie:enable pcie support on imx6sx sd 5 years ago
  Richard Zhu 48a4606ef5 ENGR00319965 pcie: mask the imx6sl out 7 years ago
  Richard Zhu 7b4aabeddf ENGR00319415 pcie: random link down issue after warm-rst 7 years ago
  Ye.Li 5dcf073b8f MLK-11064 imx: mx6qp: Adjust AQos settings for peripherals 6 years ago
  Ye Li 5c96ea91fe MLK-12534 mx6: shutdown vddpu and PCIE phy to save power 5 years ago
  Ye Li 416dea861c MLK-12533 mx6sx: select OSC as uart's clk parent 5 years ago
  Ye Li 95302eefcd MLK-12532 mx6ul: Add work around for PMIC_STBY_REQ_PAD on TO1.0 5 years ago
  Ye Li f66842f79d MLK-12531 mx6sxsabresd: Add CM4 fast boot up demo 5 years ago
  Ye Li 43fe988af2 MLK-12527-3 android: Add board support to enable android fastboot 5 years ago
  Ye Li 23d63ff185 MLK-12527-2 android: Add FSL android fastboot support 5 years ago
  Ye Li 5096e57266 MLK-12527-1 mxc_keyb: Add MXC keyboard driver 5 years ago
  Ye Li fb3437de60 MLK-12530 ehci: Fix OTG ID detection issue on mx7 5 years ago
  Ye Li 6723fda2be MLK-12529 mx7dsabresd: Fix soc revision check issue 5 years ago
  Ye Li 4efa01ec28 MLK-12528 mx7: Enable secure mode for mx7 platforms 5 years ago
  Peng Fan 7f43a79956 MA-7455-1 Pico: modify Pico configuration for Brillo. 5 years ago
  Haoran Wang 59c76a7c82 MA-7455 Import picosom boot codes 5 years ago
  Ye Li daa2f1771a MLK-12416-6 imx: rdc: misc fix and update 5 years ago
  Ye Li 01cc7d9bc2 MLK-12500-2 HAB: Add commented secure boot configurations 5 years ago
  Ye Li 3c118b8d6b MLK-12500-1 HAB: Add kernel image authentication in image loading 5 years ago
  Ye Li d7e218133f MLK-12497-2 mx7d: Add reference DDR script for mx7d TO1.0 5 years ago
  Ye Li 349137a296 MLK-12497-1 mx7d: Add support for all mx7d arm2 boards 5 years ago
  Ye Li 5b87d04dba MLK-12495 mx6: Add LDO bypass support 5 years ago
  Ye Li 32ad830243 MLK-12493-2 mx6ulevk: Use CONFIG_TARGET_MX6UL_9X9_EVK for 9x9 LPDDR2 script 5 years ago
  Ye Li 72c35e80b8 MLK-12493-1 Add support for various boot device 5 years ago
  Peng Fan 72702903ed MLK-12486-2 imx6: Add i.mx6sx/ul arm2 boards 5 years ago
  Peng Fan f39d809ef9 MLK-12486-1: switch to use setup_gpmi_io_clk for i.MX6UL 5 years ago
  Peng Fan 4789f07a80 MLK-12564-2 imx: mx7d: move MX7D to Kconfig entry 5 years ago
  Peng Fan 64ac5fefb6 MLK-12564-1 imx: mx6sx: move MX6SX to Kconfig entry 5 years ago
  Ye Li 4dfd06dc64 MLK-12452-4 mx6sxsabreauto: Add secondary enet support 5 years ago
  Ye Li b646262f1f MLK-12452-3 mx6sxsabresd: Add secondary enet support 5 years ago
  Ye Li 8807bf82da MLK-12452-2 mx7dsabresd: Add secondary enet support 5 years ago
  Ye Li 088afc073c MLK-12452-1 FEC: Update fec driver to support two MDIO 5 years ago