36389 Commits (imx_v2016.03_4.1.15_2.0.0_ga)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Peng Fan 8a7d61d073 MLK-12629-2: i.MX6QP: update plugin 5 years ago
  Peng Fan 4329120dc0 MLK-12629-1: imx6: cache: disable L2 before touching Auxiliary Control Register 5 years ago
  Adrian Alonso 5513102408 MLK-12739: imx: tools: imximage: fix CLR bit command 5 years ago
  Ye Li 39ea1ae1f0 MLK-12737 mx6qp/mx6dp: Fix runtime CPU type checking issue 5 years ago
  Ye Li 0a4b78f3b3 MLK-12736 mx6ulevk: Delete obsoleted android build target 5 years ago
  Ye Li f521de2c5b MLK-12735 mx6qpsabresd: Update DDR script to version 1.14 5 years ago
  Anson Huang 69e4d3f029 MLK-12705-2 imx7d: add build target for TO1.1 5 years ago
  Anson Huang 2091a5fee3 MLK-12705-1 ARM: imx: add support for i.MX7D TO1.2 5 years ago
  Peng Fan 2ad1304aec MLK-12711 imx: correct speed grading info for i.MX6UL 5 years ago
  Ye Li 519bc30d20 MLK-12694 mx6ullarm2: Remove the CD detection of SD2 5 years ago
  Ye Li 0a99e3714b MLK-12691-2 mx6ullarm2: Add build targets for various boot devices 5 years ago
  Ye Li 4e72a135fc MLK-12691-1 mx6ullarm2: Update config file to remove unnecessary settings 5 years ago
  Ye Li a89a842393 MLK-12687 mx6ullarm2: Clean up macro usage for pins conflict devices 5 years ago
  Peng Fan 70b1c1bb1c MLK-12690 imx: mx6ull: fix build error for plugin 5 years ago
  Ye Li 5c8c027bcd MLK-12677 mx6ullarm2: Update DDR script to version 2.1 5 years ago
  Anson Huang c5f3ebc2b4 MLK-12658 imx: adjust POR_B setting on i.MX6ULL 5 years ago
  Han Xu 772af34b12 MLK-12603: mtd: gpmi: may use legacy bch geometry in u-boot 5 years ago
  Peng Fan 67c19ad1a2 MLK-12616-11 imx: mx6ull: add mx6ull arm2 board support 5 years ago
  Ye Li 3f5962277e MLK-12616-10 mx6ull: Add AIPS3 initialization 5 years ago
  Ye Li f965b951ad MLK-12616-9 mx6ull: Update memory map address 5 years ago
  Ye Li 194b587b89 MLK-12616-8 mx6ull: update CCM registers and clock settings 5 years ago
  Peng Fan 7b5267e26e MLK-12616-7 mx6ull: Not setting ahb clock 5 years ago
  Ye Li 8ee6dc05a0 MLK-12616-6 mx6ull: Update s_init to skip pfd reset 5 years ago
  Ye Li ca0df9c20a MLK-12616-5 GPT: Update GPT driver for MX6ULL 5 years ago
  Peng Fan 82b3ab2230 MLK-12616-4 OCOTP: Update driver for mx6ull 5 years ago
  Ye Li b4cfea97e6 MLK-12616-3 mx6ull: Enable CONFIG_MX6UL definition for MX6ULL 5 years ago
  Ye Li 936de37e4c MLK-12616-2 mx6ull: add MX6ULL major CPU Type 5 years ago
  Ye Li 4a798a4c46 MLK-12616-1 mx6ull: Add iomux header file 5 years ago
  Peng Fan ebd4b8a0ce MLK-12591: Define MX6UL_SNVS_LP_BASE_ADDR to avoid build break 5 years ago
  Anson Huang 9b9d461472 MLK-12576 imx: imx6ul: disable POR_B internal pull up 5 years ago
  Ye Li 5812550406 MLK-12575-2 imx: Modify environment offset to 6 sectors on EIMNOR 5 years ago
  Ye Li f13d059fb9 MLK-12575-1 imx: Modify environment offset to 768K for SD/MMC/eMMC 5 years ago
  Peng Fan 8d48b6e114 MLK-12416-11: support saveenv for sata 5 years ago
  Ye Li ef3608bbe2 MLK-12296 imx: mx7dsabresd: Change default env for M4 boot to TCM 5 years ago
  Ye.Li 13d39c51bb MLK-10186-1 imximage: add fixed IVT offset support 6 years ago
  Ye Li a212eff242 MLK-12565 mx7: rdc: Change IS_ENABLED to remove build warning 5 years ago
  Peng Fan e5cc58b71e MLK-12416-10: mx6ul: Add comments for BEE 5 years ago
  Peng Fan 901d9eb017 MLK-12416-9: mx6qp: define CONFIG_MX6QP 5 years ago
  Peng Fan 402b720dce MLK-12416-8: mx6ul: add DDR3L_MT41K256M16HA configs 5 years ago
  Peng Fan 49c9146ec3 MLK-12416-7 imx: skip ahb clock setting for i.MX6UL 5 years ago
  Peng Fan 2abbb4b768 MLK-10546-2 imx: mx7 implement reset_misc 6 years ago
  Peng Fan 1a90b60731 MLK-10708 imx:mx6qp Update Saturation THR for PREx 6 years ago
  Peng Fan ce6ec8bf30 MLK-12563: imx: mx6ul evk: fix LCD_nPWREN setting 5 years ago
  Peng Fan 166367ad35 MLK-12551: imx6ul evk: fix 74LV OE usage 5 years ago
  Ye Li b0cf100ab5 MLK-12488 mx6sl/ul/sx: Fix incorrect clear mmdc_ch0 handshake mask 5 years ago
  Ye Li 9232e9f763 MLK-12483-5 mx6ul: Enable module fuse check EVK board and DDR3 ARM2 board 5 years ago
  Ye Li 1704e116f9 MLK-12483-4 mx6: Modify drivers to disable fused modules 5 years ago
  Ye Li 7236051526 MLK-12483-3 mx6: Add a module fuse checking 5 years ago
  Ye Li 1e430025d3 MLK-12483-1 common: Fix fdt command systemsetup issue 5 years ago
  Adrian Alonso bf1d8faf1d MLK-12442: imx: mx6qarm2: lpddr2 set dram 2 channel fixed mode 5 years ago