36389 Commits (imx_v2016.03_4.1.15_2.0.0_ga)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Peng Fan 445544f7e8 MLK-13307-2 imx: mx6sll: add pinmux header files 4 years ago
  Peng Fan a4355f48b1 MLK-13307-1 imx: Add MX6SLL CPU type 5 years ago
  Fabio Estevam b1d44083fa mx6: clock: Fix the logic for reading axi_alt_sel 4 years ago
  Utkarsh Gupta ec33bbb3e2 Disable MMU and Cache when using plugin 4 years ago
  Adrian Alonso 6bfef97102 MLK-13407: mx6qarm2: mt128x64mx3 2: add init pre charge all command 4 years ago
  Alejandro Sierra 11a444e1cc MLK-13292 mx6sxscm: evb: add support for epop evb board 4 years ago
  Alejandro Sierra fbdc4f3eba MLK-13290 mx6sxscm: evb: add support for 1gb evb board 4 years ago
  Juan Gutierrez 967e2d4909 MLK-13289 imx: mx6sxscm: generic mx6sxscm board support 4 years ago
  Juan Gutierrez d65a4589d0 MLK-13258 mx6dqscm: evb: support for 1Gb SCM EVB board 4 years ago
  Juan Gutierrez b33c2e6079 MLK-13256 mx6dqscm: qwks: add support for 1Gb SCM QWKS board 4 years ago
  Juan Gutierrez 7214c6dcb3 MLK-13255 imx: mx6dqscm: generic mx6dqscm board support 4 years ago
  Adrian Alonso 0ec2a01911 MLK-13131: mx6qarm2: add fastboot and recovery support 4 years ago
  Adrian Alonso 17a30851ad MLK-13130: configs: mx6qarm2: android lpddr2 pop support 4 years ago
  Adrian Alonso ffc7bc56e7 MLK-13132: mx6qarm2: mt128x64mx32: adjust ahb/axi podf dividers 4 years ago
  Robin Gong e644db2827 MLK-13141 mx6qpsabresd: Do not touch VGEN3 and VGEN5 4 years ago
  Bai Ping 30ce7adebd MLK-13140 ARM: imx: update REFTOP_VBGADJ according to fuse setting 4 years ago
  Bai Ping 911fcf93ba MLK-13124 ARM: imx: update the REFTOP_VBGADJ setting 4 years ago
  Ye Li 44a84b44a8 MLK-13115 imx: mx6ullevk: Update LPDDR2 script for i.MX6ULL 9x9 EVK 4 years ago
  Ye Li a72491e307 MLK-13070 imx: mx6ullevk: Add 9x9 EVK support 4 years ago
  Robby Cai bcdbe240bb MLK-12929 imx6ull: support splash screen for epdc 5 years ago
  Ye Li fd8fbf7fa0 MLK-12996 imx: mx6dqp/dq: Fix SATA read/write fail after booting from SATA 4 years ago
  Ye Li 81f74e47fc MLK-12998 imx: mx6ullevk: Add build targets for boot devices 4 years ago
  Peng Fan cbf50f2846 MLK-12964 imx: enlarge mux width to 4 4 years ago
  Ye Li 56cb080858 MLK-12988 imx: mx6ull Add board support for i.MX6ULL EVK 5 years ago
  Ye.Li 747e9c9980 MLK-12985 imx: mx6sx: Disable ENET clock before switching clock parent 4 years ago
  Peng Fan 9c2069ad87 dfu: avoid memory leak 5 years ago
  Bai Ping 91703d0672 MLK-12894 imx6ull: adjust the ldo 1.2v bandgap voltage on i.mx6ull 5 years ago
  Ye Li c5dc9e64ff MLK-12889 mx6ullarm2: Update DDR script to version 2.2 5 years ago
  Peng Fan cba5da05b1 MLK-12888 usb: ehci: only shutdown opened controller 5 years ago
  Peng Fan df0052575b MLK-12883 usb: limit USB_MAX_XFER_BLK to 256 5 years ago
  Ye Li b4bc642c62 MLK-12884 mx7dsabresd: Fix LCD_PWR_EN output setting 5 years ago
  Peng Fan 139a6f95be MLK-12852 ocotp: mxc: mx6ull: fix GP3/GP4 prog 5 years ago
  Ye Li 0b65071afa MLK-12865 Nand: Fix BCH debug1 register access issue 5 years ago
  Haibo Chen 8cdf030f2c MLK-12848: mx6ull_14x14_ddr3_arm2: add new TSC config 5 years ago
  Peng Fan df339c7bdb MLK-12845 imx: mx6sabre_common: fix mmcargs 5 years ago
  Han Xu c1c4fabdc0 MLK-12815: mx6ul_14x14_evk: add new NAND config for i.MX6UL 14x14 EVK board 5 years ago
  Peng Fan 68fbb20f0d MLK-12798 imx6ull: fix snvs tamper pin usage 5 years ago
  Peng Fan 1f0bb39408 MLK-12800 imx: mx7dsabresd: support revC 5 years ago
  Ye Li 7f00c72e17 MLK-12791 mx6qpsabresd: Change ENET TXCLK clock from PLL 5 years ago
  Ye Li 7004df470b MLK-12775 mx6ullarm2: Add package size info to the build target and dtb file 5 years ago
  Stefan Agner ee67176677 imx: iomux-v3: fix UART input selects 5 years ago
  Peng Fan 05922b0abf MLK-12767 imx6ull: fix runtime checking for i.MX6ULL 5 years ago
  Peng Fan 5fb09cab9b MLK-12766 net: fec: do not access reserved register for i.MX6ULL 5 years ago
  Anson Huang 3c5628ccf4 MLK-12748-3 imx: adjust imx7d lpddr3 lpsr exit flow 5 years ago
  Anson Huang 9ebc498844 MLK-12748-2 imx: remove IOMUXC GPR setting for i.mx7d retention mode 5 years ago
  Anson Huang ec27deab06 MLK-12748-1 imx: adjust i.mx7d standby voltage setting 5 years ago
  Peng Fan 489929be02 MLK-12693-2 nand: mxs: correct bitflip for erased NAND page 5 years ago
  Peng Fan ceb324a291 MLK-12693-1 nand: mxs: fix the bitflips for erased page when uncorrectable error 5 years ago
  Stefan Agner 8183b60202 imx: imx7d: fix ahb clock mux 1 5 years ago
  Ye Li 22f6c4b151 MLK-12723 imx: Change the env offset on NAND to 60M 5 years ago