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  1. menu "Timer Support"
  2. config TIMER
  3. bool "Enable driver model for timer drivers"
  4. depends on DM
  5. help
  6. Enable driver model for timer access. It uses the same API as
  7. lib/time.c, but now implemented by the uclass. The first timer
  8. will be used. The timer is usually a 32 bits free-running up
  9. counter. There may be no real tick, and no timer interrupt.
  10. config TIMER_EARLY
  11. bool "Allow timer to be used early in U-Boot"
  12. depends on TIMER
  13. help
  14. In some cases the timer must be accessible before driver model is
  15. active. Examples include when using CONFIG_TRACE to trace U-Boot's
  16. execution before driver model is set up. Enable this option to
  17. use an early timer. These functions must be supported by your timer
  18. driver: timer_early_get_count() and timer_early_get_rate().
  19. config ALTERA_TIMER
  20. bool "Altera timer support"
  21. depends on TIMER
  22. help
  23. Select this to enable a timer for Altera devices. Please find
  24. details on the "Embedded Peripherals IP User Guide" of Altera.
  25. config SANDBOX_TIMER
  26. bool "Sandbox timer support"
  27. depends on SANDBOX && TIMER
  28. help
  29. Select this to enable an emulated timer for sandbox. It gets
  30. time from host os.
  31. config X86_TSC_TIMER
  32. bool "x86 Time-Stamp Counter (TSC) timer support"
  33. depends on TIMER && X86
  34. default y if X86
  35. help
  36. Select this to enable Time-Stamp Counter (TSC) timer for x86.
  37. config OMAP_TIMER
  38. bool "Omap timer support"
  39. depends on TIMER
  40. help
  41. Select this to enable an timer for Omap devices.
  42. endmenu