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To clone one of these trees, install git, and run:

git clone git:// + project path.
For convenience, the clone URL is available as the "git" link below, or on the status page of any repository.

For more information about git, see an overview, the tutorial or the man pages.

List all projects
Project Description Owner Last Change
pub/scm/android/build.git 4 years ago
pub/scm/android/frameworks-base.git 4 years ago
pub/scm/android/manifest.git 4 years ago
pub/scm/android/omap3.git 4 years ago
pub/scm/android/packages-apps-browser.git 4 years ago
pub/scm/android/packages-apps-settings.git 4 years ago
pub/scm/android/vendor-ti-igep00x0.git 4 years ago
pub/scm/android/wlan.git 4 years ago
pub/scm/android/wpa_supplicant_8.git 4 years ago
pub/scm/extras/qtwebview.git 4 years ago
pub/scm/igep-tools.git 4 months ago
pub/scm/igep-x-loader.git 22 months ago
pub/scm/igep_qa.git 10 days ago
pub/scm/linux-imx.git 4 months ago
pub/scm/linux-omap-2.6.git 11 days ago
pub/scm/meta-fsl-arm-extra.git 4 months ago
pub/scm/meta-isee-ti.git 11 days ago
pub/scm/meta-isee.git 11 days ago
pub/scm/meta-linaro.git 2 months ago
pub/scm/omap5-sgx-ddk-linux.git 3 years ago
pub/scm/poky.git 2 years ago
pub/scm/u-boot-arm.git 3 weeks ago
pub/scm/u-boot-fslc.git 9 months ago
pub/scm/wilink8-wlan/build-utilites.git 12 months ago
pub/scm/writeloader.git 17 months ago
pub/scm/x-loader.git 5 years ago